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'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 2, Episode 6: 'Two Birds, One Millstone' Recap

Dustin Sloane |
October 30, 2015 | 1:42 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The cast of "How to Get Away with Murder." (ABC)
The cast of "How to Get Away with Murder." (ABC)

Annalise (Viola Davis) is shown being moved into the emergency room. Frank (Charlie Weber) quickly storms into the hospital and begs, “Don’t let her die.” Then, he walks out of the hospital into his car, where Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda) is lying dead in the backseat. This adds another thing to this show’s running list of “How in the world did that happen?” moments.

After some small Frank-Laurel and Connor-Oliver moments, Connor (Jack Falahee), Laurel (Karla Souza), Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Wes (Alfred Enoch) begin talking about Levi (Matt Cohen) and Rebecca (Katie Findlay) again. Once Wes frustrates the other three with his “crazy” theories, Laurel and Michaela demand that Wes stops talking about Rebecca. How can none of them see that Wes’ theories are at least somewhat accurate? Seems like Connor, Laurel and Michaela will make for some disastrous lawyers.

Annalise finishes showing Asher (Matt McGorry) the disturbing video from Bonnie’s childhood, which prompts Asher to have second thoughts about testifying against Annalise and Bonnie (Liza Weil). I’m still very puzzled as to why Asher just ignores the other four students who always do work without him. 

Annalise reports back to Bonnie about Asher’s change of heart. Annalise, being the caring boss she is, credits Bonnie for Asher’s decision instead of herself to build Bonnie’s confidence. Aw. Note to Annalise: Maybe not telling her she’s an idiot every other second would be a more effective confidence-builder.

Annalise then visits A.D.A. Sinclair (Sarah Burns), threatens her and demands that Sinclair leaves Asher alone. Sinclair reluctantly agrees, but she’s not done with her feud with Annalise just yet. Referring to the Hapstall case, Sinclair says, “I look forward to destroying you in court.”

Back at the Annalise’s house, Annalise explains to the Keating Five how they’ll defend Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) and Catherine Hapstall. While Annalise talks to the students, Professor Hartford, a professor whom Annalise seems to be acquainted with, calls and says she killed Stephen (who is later revealed to be her husband). Annalise tells Hartford to call 911 and not talk to the police until they get to the crime scene.

In a brief conversation between Asher and Bonnie, Asher apologizes to Bonnie for all she had to deal with in her issues with Sam Keating (Tom Verica), as Asher still believes that Bonnie murdered Sam. Pretty much all of Asher’s storylines occur in some other universe, and I guess we have to accept that.

Annalise heads over to the crime scene where Professor Hartford murdered her husband, and she realizes that Hartford’s story does not match up with the evidence. Hartford later admits that she staged the crime scene because she assumed the police wouldn’t believe her. Based on the police’s treatment of Hartford, this seems like a fair assumption. The police questioning of the professor greatly offends Hartford because the police claim that Hartford murdered her husband because he discovered that she is transgender.

Wes calls Nate to discuss his suspicions about Levi’s arrest and his theories of Annalise’s involvement. Nate says that he’s done working on anything related to Annalise, and he tells Wes to stop calling him. Ouch.

The Keating Five visit the Hapstalls, and they talk about their suspicions of  Caleb and Catherine in their home. Eventually, the students realize that Catherine had been recording their conversation on her iPad. Annalise is furious, and she is outraged that her students are dumb enough to talk about the case in their clients’ home. “You’re all garbage,” Annalise says to the Keating Five.

Frank surprises Annalise with some bad news. He tells Annalise that Nate’s wife is dead. Somehow, Annalise finds the time to prepare peach cobbler, and she brings the cobbler to Nate’s apartment. After knocking on Nate’s door a few times without any response, Annalise leaves the cobbler outside and walks away.

Connor, Laurel, Michaela and Wes begin to look into the Hapstalls’ biological parents as suspects in the case. Michaela’s resistance to this search somehow circles back to Wes’s theories about Rebecca. Laurel decides that she’s had enough, and she brings Wes to ask Frank straight up whether or not he killed Rebecca. Frank lies and says that he does not know where Rebecca is. He claims that the money that Wes and co. found in the briefcase was meant for Rebecca, so she would keep quiet about the students tying her up last season.

Annalise urges the district attorney’s office to drop Hartford’s case, but the D.A. refuses because he found incriminating evidence in Hartford’s phone records. He found that Hartford’s phone call with Annalise was one minute and 42 seconds long, and he presumed that Annalise was “coaching” Hartford on how to deal with the aftermath of her murder. The D.A. also mentions that he can charge Annalise with accessory to murder.

Asher confronts Annalise and begins talking about his fear of his father, as the show flashes back to their agreement that Annalise would leave Asher’s father out of any further arrangements. Annalise did not uphold her end of this deal because she used Asher’s father’s records to make a deal with the D.A., a deal that frees Hartford of her murder charges. Annalise tells Hartford that she’s free, and Hartford seems more freed by the fact that she doesn’t have to go back to her husband. Hartford says that she’s so glad that her husband is dead, and Annalise says she’s so glad that Sam is dead. Is this the beginning stage of a support group for celebrating widows?

Oliver, who is seriously the main force behind any of the Keating Five’s success, ever, discovers that Helena Hapstall, Caleb and Catherine’s recently murdered aunt, has a “secret baby” who would somehow inherit money after the Hapstalls’ parents’ death. Finally, the Keating Five has a believable suspect. Why doesn’t Oliver get more credit? Annalise and her minions would be so lost without him.

Annalise visits Nate again, and he opens the door this time. Nate tells Annalise that he killed his hospitalized wife, and he resents Annalise because Annalise took away his last moments with his wife by framing him for Sam’s murder and putting him in jail. Annalise begs Nate to not hate her. Nate responds, “I don’t hate you. I just don’t care about you.” Hm. I don’t believe that for a second. Annalise sees Wes in Nate’s building, and Annalise follows Wes to his apartment. Annalise tells Wes that she didn’t kill Rebecca and that she doesn’t know where Rebecca is.

Wes doesn’t believe it, and Annalise understands. “It’s because of your mother,” she says. For a second, I thought she said, “It’s because I’m your mother,” which would be an incredible plot twist. Make it happen, Shonda Rhimes.

Asher’s father confronts Asher over his decision to help Sinclair open up an investigation against him. The problem is that Asher never made this decision, and shows his confusion. This ends the relationship between father and son. 

A.D.A. Sinclair somehow finds Bonnie and begins talking to her. She admits that she lost to Annalise, but she offers files on Asher to Bonnie. Bonnie denies the files, but she hears Sinclair shout that Asher was allegedly involved in a gang rape. This is definitely something you do not want to find out about your boyfriend and co-worker.

Oliver tells Connor that he hacked into the “secret baby’s” computer, which worries Connor. However, Oliver is not worried and says that no one will find out. Little does he know, his conversation is being shown on the secret baby’s computer monitor. Creepy.

Back to Annalise and Wes in Wes’s apartment. Wes demands that Annalise stops keeping secrets from him. Annalise supposedly obliges, but she continues to lie to Wes. She tells him that she does not know where Rebecca is, when she clearly knows that Rebecca was murdered in her own basement.

Finally, the show fast-forwards to Frank disposing Catherine’s body in the middle of the woods. The police find Catherine’s body the next morning. Somehow, Catherine opens her eyes and takes a big breath. How? This isn’t even remotely plausible.

Even though this show keeps getting more and more absurd, it only becomes more fun to watch as these crazy stories build. As previews tease, we’re only two weeks away from finding out #WhoShotAnnalise. There are so many possible suspects, but my current prediction is that Asher’s father is the culprit. Watch "How to Get Away with Murder" Thursday nights on ABC at 10pm to see how everything unfolds.

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