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Creepiest Lyrics In Pop Music

Sophie Sanders |
October 28, 2015 | 11:55 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Via Sophie Sanders/Creative Commons
Via Sophie Sanders/Creative Commons
With Halloween rapidly approaching, you may be working on your spooky party playlists. Although you may be tempted to add the obvious classic choices such as “Highway To Hell” by ACDC, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson or “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, you may want to think again.

That’s right, look no further than Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry to supplement your Halloween soundtrack, because believe it or not, some of their songs have some pretty frightening lyrics. In honor of Halloween and pop music, I have dissected some of the biggest hits of the past decade and present to you, the creepiest song lyrics. 

1. “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber (2012)

Lyric: “If I was your boyfriend, never let you go / Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone” 

Why it is creepy: Okay Justin Bieber, what does this mean? Are you telling me that if you are my boyfriend you are going to lock be in a basement, tie me up, so that I never escape? Because that is what this sounds like. Sorry J-Biebs, I’m going to have to pass on that opportunity. 

2. “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem ft. Rihanna (2010)

Lyric: “If she ever tries to fucking leave again / Imma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire” 

Why it is creepy: Again with the tying people up, why is this a theme in pop music?! Eminem needs to go to some anger management classes because this rage does not seem like it leads to healthy relationship, but a very frightening one instead. 

3. “Disturbia” by Rihanna (2007)

Lyric: “It can creep up inside you and consume you / A disease of the mind it can control you”

Why it is creepy: The name of the song should indicate that this is going to send some chills down your spine but could we ever predict just how scary this lyric is? I don’t know what type of demon monster Rihanna is talking about here but I can tell you one thing: stay away from it.

4. ”E.T.” by Katy Perry ft. Kanye West (2010)

Lyric: “They say, be afraid / You’re not like the others” 

Why it is creepy: Okay Katy, normally if other people tell you to be afraid you should be, you should run far away. Run Katy, Run! 

5. “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj (2014)

Lyric: “Gun in my purse, bitch I came dressed to kill / Who wanna go first? I had them pushing daffodils” 

Why it is creepy:  This isn’t creepy, this is straight up scary. Scary as in, run and hide your kids and hide your wife scary because Nicki is threatening to go on a killing rampage. 

6. “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift (2008)

Lyric: “Standing by and waiting at your backdoor” 

Why it is creepy: I think we can all agree that Taylor Swift has had some pretty stalkerish lines in her music, this one however may take the cake. Taylor has reached a whole new creeper level by waiting for this guy at his door. Peeping Tom? More like peeping Tay. 

7. “She Wolf” by Shakira (2009)

Lyric: “S-O-S she’s in disguise / There’s a she wolf in disguise / Coming out, coming out, coming out” 

Why it is creepy: Picture this: an old, witch-looking lady comes out of the woods to whisper in your ear: “There’s a she wolf in disguise, coming out, coming out.” Now, if I were you I would pack up my whole life and get the heck out of town. Although Shakira isn’t a creepy witch, you get the idea and the lyrics are just as haunting. 

8. “Monster” by Kanye West ft. Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver (2010)

Lyric: “None of you ____ have seen the carnage that I’ve seen / I still hear my fiends scream in my dreams / Murder, murder in black convertibles” 

Why it is creepy: The name of the song, “Monster” should foreshadow the scary things to come, but hearing fiends screaming in dreams takes it to a whole new level. This is "Nightmare on Elm Street" level, this is too afraid to go to sleep level, this is just too much to handle. Sleep tight, everyone. 

9. “The Hills” by The Weeknd (2015)

Lyric: “ The hills have eyes, the hills have eyes”

Why it is creepy: If you have ever seen the horror movie “The Hills Have Eyes,” then it is easy to understand why this is so frightening. Long story short, the movie is about a family that gets attacked by cannibals living in “the hills.” The Weeknd most likely isn’t suggesting that we are going to die by crazy people living in isolation, but it certainly does have a chilly feeling to it. 

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