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'GO:OD AM' By Mac Miller: Album Review

Gabriela Fernandez |
September 17, 2015 | 10:22 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

OD A.M. Album Cover (via WBR)
OD A.M. Album Cover (via WBR)

Boy, has Mac Miller grown up in recent years.

When he first came into the spotlight, he had just graduated high school and was rapping about not being able to legally drink. From his addiction to drugs, slippery slope into a deep depression to his hilariously goofy show, "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family," it is as if his fans have seen grow up. He allowed his first major label debut, "GO:OD AM," to be listened to a few days earlier on NPR before its official release. It is a truly imaginative album and listeners can tell how much hard work Mac Miller put into making it one to remember.

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"GO:OD AM" highlights the more radiant side of Mac Miller that fans have not been able to see due to his previous drug addictions. His song “Perfect Circle, God Speed” addresses how he has coped to making and digs deep into reflecting on his time in rehab. Other songs like “Brand Name” remind fans that Mac is finally ready to come out of the dark side to and tap into his creative ear for the full intention of musical creation. Mac's other songs display meticulous attention to detail into beats, tone and rhymes. 

His ability to use his skills as a rapper, producer and musician show how well he executed his first major label album. After all, Mac Miller himself stated that he went through nine albums before finalizing "GO:OD AM." His innovative ear truly made the album diverse. From the beginning of the album in the intro, it is clear that Mac's preparation for his music was not taken lightly. In this exceptional album, fans will hear hints of jazz in the song “Rush Hour.” His play on words is especially unique throughout the album. Since there is a lot of diversity within "GO:OD A.M.", it is like every song tells a new story and reminds fans about every different side of Mac Miller. His goofy side comes into play in the song “100 Grandkids,” which is very reminiscent of the songs on his 2011 album, "Blue Slide Park."

Mac Miller's features in "GO:OD AM" include Lil B the Based God, Chief Keef, Little Dragon, Miguel and Ab-Soul. Mac's versatile style is expressed in each of his songs that have features. His song “Time Flies” with Lil B is encouraging and shows his artistic dedication to both his music and his fans. Chief Keef and Lil Dragon's features dusplay Mac's sinister yet fun and creative sides. Miguel and Ab-Soul truly help Mac Miller display his talent while still allowing them shine as well. Miguel and Mac Miller's song, “Weeknd” is a perfect balance of artistic capability and is seriously party-worthy. Ab-Soul and Mac Miller's collaboration on "Two Matches" inspire fans to think outside the box when they look back on their lives and realize how they got to be where they are currently standing. The big names featured in Mac Miller's, "GO:OD AM" really allow Mac to further develop his unique style while bringing great music to the table. 

Mac Miller's new album "GO:OD AM" is one hip hop fans cannot miss. Its features and creative sound make it an easy listen. 

Listen to the album here. 

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