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New York Fashion Week Fall 2015: Monique Lhuillier

Angela Shen |
September 12, 2015 | 8:00 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Monique Lhuillier’s Spring/Summer 2016 show at New York Fashion Week was a refined collection of classy pieces that played with bright colors and geometric concepts. Bold statement pieces and feminine patterns exuded both style and sophistication.

The runway's background was made up of massive three-dimensional shapes that hung from the ceiling. While the lighting scheme was a pale baby blue with white undertones, the shapes occasionally spun to reveal different colors painted on the other side. The music was a powerful, electronic track that slowed to a steady beat as show progressed.

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Two main styles of design were the stars in the designer's collection: color-blocked pieces with jewel embellishments and white-based dresses with floral detailing. Some outfits with color blocking consisted of lots of greens, pinks, and blues and other ensembles had two colors that seem mismatched at first glance (like pink and green). Each piece created a bold statement solidified by a clean cut and structure.

Lhuillier also played with texture by incorporating floral and circular cutout patterns. Various articles of clothing allowed for experimenting with simple layering. There were tops that extended to the knees paired with voluminous skirts that added another burst of color at the bottom. Vivid pants were paired with lengthier shirts to give off a linear look.

Bright colors weren’t restricted to the clothing; accessories such as the bags were very vibrant themselves. Shoes with thick straps and chunky heels also alluded to the geometric tone.

Some of the most elegant pieces in the show were dresses with a white, lace-patterned base that had colorful floral embroidery. This look was used on several ensembles, including coats, skirts, and tops.

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The models’ makeup was kept simple; the only pop of color was a rich, bright eye shadow in a different color for each model. The hair was pulled back in sleek buns, which finished off each put-together look. Nails were done with French manicures that matched the color of each model’s eye shadow.

Monique Lhuillier’s Spring/Summer 2016 show consisted of beautiful pieces that used colors, shapes, and detailing to create a memorable collection. The clothes and accessories play with geometry yet doesn’t lose the feminine, refined vibe that Lhuillier is known for. 

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