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Lady Gaga Joins 'American Horror Story: Hotel': Is This Her Comeback?

Gabriela Fernandez |
September 7, 2015 | 11:47 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Lady Gaga is checking in to "American Horror Story Hotel" (FX).
Lady Gaga is checking in to "American Horror Story Hotel" (FX).
Lady Gaga. A trendsetter who infamously donned a dress made purely out of meat. A pop star with "Little Monsters" for fans. An icon who encapsulates all of what it means to be unique, daring and mysterious. 

It's no surprise to "American Horror Story" audiences across the country that the eccentric and one of a kind Lady Gaga is to appear on the show for its fifth season this October. "American Horror Story: Hotel" will feature her as a main character.

Her character is a twisted hotel owner and mother of ten vampire children. Lady Gaga will set the scene for a season of spine-chilling scenarios. Gaga's popular and returning "American Horror Story" costar Sarah Paulson said in an interview with "Entertainment Weekly" that this new season will have “real heat to it” and that it is “pulsating.”

Lady Gaga's role in "American Horror Story" has the potential to work wonders for her career. The pop star had been steadily on the calm side of the Hollywood spectrum. Many recognized she is veering away from her bold costumes and catchy songs. Lady Gaga's mesmerizing pop songs in "Born this Way" dominated the charts when it debuted in 2011. Her most recent album "ARTPOP" was a flop compared to "Born this Way," with a 75% decrease in opening week sales. Her career just recently started to peek back up thanks to a collaboration with jazz icon Tony Bennett.

Lady Gaga's role in "American Horror Story" can lift her back up to the bold and creative person that people associate her with. Self-proclaimed as an "American Horror Story" fan, Lady Gaga herself called  the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, and told him that she would like to be on his hit series. Gaga herself has stated that she is ready to get back in tune with the dark side of her that fans all know and love so much. 

With Jessica Lange leaving "American Horror Story," fans are hoping that Lady Gaga will do a great job at keeping the show amazing. Jarett Wieselman, a senior entertainment writer at Buzz Feed, is just as hopeful.

“I think it's absolutely fantastic that Lady Gaga will be on the new season of 'American Horror Story.' She's such a phenomenal entertainer that I'm excited to see what happens when she brings that stage prowess to television,” Wieselman said. "Jessica Lange's absence will always be felt on 'AHS,' but over the last four seasons, Ryan Murphy has built up such an impressive repertoire company that once 'Hotel' opens its doors, I don't believe we will feel her absence in a on-going pervasive way.” 

As for what the show can do for Lady Gaga's career, he sees it as more of an opportunity to further herself, rather than a comeback.

“Lady Gaga is already one of the most famous people in the world, so it probably won't affect her career in any major way, but it could certainly lead to more and more acting jobs,” he said.

Watch "American Horror Story: Hotel" when it premieres October 7 on FX.  

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