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Emmys 2015: Backstage Creations' Giving Suite Dazzles Celebrities

Johnny Flores, Jr. |
September 21, 2015 | 10:18 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Viola Davis made history at last night's Emmy awards (Image courtesy of Backstage Creations).
Viola Davis made history at last night's Emmy awards (Image courtesy of Backstage Creations).

Ever wonder what it is like to receive brand-new, never-before-seen products as well as top name-brand merchandise?

If you were one of the many celebrities at the 67th Annual Emmys hosted by Andy Samberg and just happened to stop by Backstage Creation’s 2015 Giving Suite, then you would know that feeling. Unfortunately, I’m just the guy writing about what was there... but I can tell you that after receiving a personal tour through the suite it was very well indeed the place to be this year during the Emmys weekend.

Over 30 vendors were gifting away items at this year's Giving Suite. These vendors included Bose, ChapStick, Melissa Shoes, Marchon Eyewear and Colgate. However, the vendors just don’t stop at items. In addition to awesome products such as ultralight noise canceling headphones there were also a number of organizations giving away trips. After several months of shooting a television series what better way to relax then go to the lush mountains of Pérez Zeledón in Costa Rica -- courtesy of Hacienda AltaGracia, of course. 

Karen Wood created Backstage Creations back in 2000 as a way to not only allow major corporations to showcase their items but up-and coming designers as well to introduce their products to the most popular celebrities. Moreso, Backstage Creations originated the gifting suite concept and their bags, suites, and personnel could be seen on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, OK Magazine and Just Jared among myriad other publications and televised series. 

This year’s Giving Suite was created and styled by Josh Johnson of Interior & Event Designs. Johnson provides luxurious aesthetic elements for celebrity guests to enjoy while they hear from various vendors, pursue products and of course mingle with all their famous friends. As I walked through the Giving Suite it was very evident that Johnson put a lot of work into his creation. Not only was it aesthetically beautiful and ultra-chic but very welcoming. Drapes by Softline decorated the interior while myriad other home décor furnished the rest of the suite. Needless to say it was dazzling.

While the items, trips, drinks and food were all amazing what is more delightful is the organization being benefitted at the end of the day. Celebrities who participated in the Giving Suite helped to raise up to $150,000 in donations to support the Television Academy Foundation. In order to do that celebrities signed a designer piece of luggage to later by raffled off. Established in 1959 the Television Academy Foundation is the charitable arm of the Television Academy and was created to engage and educate the next generation of the television industry. Among their many programs include a world renowned television industry internship for bright and promising college students, the annual College Television Awards recognizing top student television producers, and the online Archive of American Television which seeks to chronicle the stores of television legends and innovators and preserve them. 

All in all, while my time at the Giving Suite was short it was an amazing experience and judging by all of the photos of the various celebrities who dropped also had a fantastic time receiving amazing items, tasting great food and drink -- all the while benefitting an amazing organization. 

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