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Sew It Begins Again! ‘Project Runway’ Approaches Its 14th Season

Anna Tingley |
July 31, 2015 | 8:59 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Courtesy of Lifetime Networks)
(Courtesy of Lifetime Networks)
As the always impressive “Project Runway” approaches its 14th season on August 6th, it’s no question that this Emmy-nominated LifeTime show isn’t losing the immense popularity that it gained when it started in 2004.You can almost keep track of the seasons by the number of pregnancies Heidi Klum has undergone while hosting the show –3 by the way—or by the number of intimidatingly successful guest hosts that have helped judge the runway looks—do the names such as Victoria Beckham and Diane Von Fürstenberg ring a bell? 

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At the Parsons New School of Design in New York City, sixteen contestants compete with each other to create the most innovative fashion designs. But, there’s always a catch. While some challenges call for a trip to the local grocery store, Gristedes, others force contestants to spend a limited amount of money at the famous fabric store, Mood. New challenges in every episode, with very strict time constraints, can make even the best designers crack under pressure.

While other insanely successful reality competition shows have an easier time finding new talent—“American Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Next Top Model” to name a few—is there really an endless supply of creative designers that can make a dress out of corn husks? It is definitely apparent that some of the best designers were seen in the first few seasons, but maybe talent isn’t necessarily the thing that every viewer is looking for. Like every other reality show, “Project Runway” has its fair dose of drama in every episode. If you are a true “Runway” fan you’ll remember the time that one contestant was suspected of scratching the face off of Wendy Peppers’ daughters’ picture on her worktable in the first season, or the infamous brawl between Miranda and Timothy in Season 12. But feistiness isn’t only apparent quality in the contestants. Snarky comments and almost-evil critiques are always expected from the two harshest judges, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Remember that time Kors said that Cassanova’s outfit looked like a transvestite Flamenco dancer at a funeral? Ouch. 

As their ratings continue to skyrocket—Season 13’s finale hit 1.7 million hits—the producers have created multiple spin-off shows to hear Tim Gunn’s much loved “Make it work!” just one more time. While “Under the Gunn,” “Threads,” and “Project Runway Junior” struggle to emulate the popularity of the original show, “Project Runway All Stars” is more of a success, bringing back some of the most famous contestants for another chance at winning. Fans couldn’t be happier when they found that much-loved Mondo could steal the spotlight back, after his expected win was taken by Gretchen during the Season 8 finale.  

Well, get your Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked pint and a spoon—no need to bother with the bowl anymore—and tune in on Thursday, August 6th at 8pm PST on Lifetime to meet the 16 new faces of “Project Runway” Season 14.

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