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Best Albums Of 2015 (So Far)

Jillian Morabito |
July 25, 2015 | 9:32 p.m. PDT

Music Editor

Every year, a slew of albums are released and, let’s face it, most of them are utter garbage. Thus, the ones that are outstanding deserve a bit of recognition.

Vince Staples – “Summertime ‘06”

Gansta rap—it’s been done many times before. However, Staples’ rendition of the young gang member-turned-rapper is not a tale for the light of heart. He ponders the void of social mobility, class consciousness in Long Beach and the perils of racism in his debut album, “Summertime ’06.” Perhaps not the most uplifting, this record is certainly one that hits home for those that identify with a life riddled with struggle.   

Listen if: you are one of the people that still believe Tupac is alive

Best Song: “Señorita”

Florence + the Machine – “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

Aside from the fact that she is an absolute goddess, Florence Welch has done it again with “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.” A myriad of illustrious metaphors and powerhouse vocals create an album that is sure to be on every Grammy-watch list. Be sure to listen to the deluxe version—“Make Up Your Mind” is a treat. The personal and intimate masterpiece has the potential to resonate with just about everyone. 

Listen if: you are ready for an existential musical experience and have either a field to frolic in and/or a mirror to break (don’t say I didn’t warn you)  

Best Song: “Various Storms and Saints” 

Marian Hill – “Sway” 

All I can say is—wow. A perfect concoction of rhythmic soul, hip-shaking electronica, spunky pop and sexy lyrics—“Sway” is one of the most underrated albums of the year by a mile. This is the first record for the duo, composed of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol. Having met in middle school, this album is anything but bubble gum PG.  

Listen if: it’s a wear black and red lipstick kind of night 

Best Song: “Got It” 

Sufjan Stevens – “Carrie & Lowell” 

The best folk music since Bon Iver’s 2011 record, the simple and soft “Carrie & Lowell” makes one simmer with peace. It’s deeply personal, written about Stevens’ loss of his mother. There’s subtle beauty not only in production, but also in the thematic darkness of the record. Grab a box of tissues. 

Listen if: you have a day you want to stay in bed and ponder life

Best Song: “The Only Thing” 

James Bay – “Chaos and the Calm” 

This record is such a given, we couldn’t not mention the bae. The dashing Brit released his debut album, “Chaos and the Calm” this year, and it has been receiving the utmost amount of praise. With the soul of Hozier and rock tunes of Bruce Springsteen, this album is heartbreakingly perfect. Bay croons about a world of love amidst heartbreak. Absolutely. 

Listen if: you ever wished Johnny Depp could sing/ look young again 

Best Song: “Need the Sun To Break” 

Tame Impala – “Currents” 

Praised by critics and fans alike, “Currents” was one of the highly-anticipated albums of the year. Riddled with dreamlike synths and groovy, alternative beats, this is an essential record for the car rides down PCH. 

Listen if: you are almost too chill for rooftop bars 

Best Song: “The Less I Know The Better” 

Drake – “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” 

Surprise, surprise…literally. Following his Bey move, Drake’s album gave fans everything and more for Valentine’s day with songs about love lost, loyalty and life. Am I the only one that wants Drake to find a nice girl so we could have slightly more positive songs? Didn’t think so. 

Listen if: you need a slightly ponderous quote for your Insta caption 

Best Song: “Know Yourself” 

Jamie xx – “In Colour” 

Electronic dance music has a tendency of sounding oh how you say…similar. The mere original take on this genre by our new favorite Brit, Jamie xx has easily landed his album on our list. The sounds composed transport one into another world, supported by breathy vocal couplings and new age synth. 

Listen if: you are far too excited for the “X-Files” revival coming this January

Best Song: “Stranger in a Room” 

Father John Misty – “I Love You, Honeybear” 

There’s no way to hide this bluesy, rock-n-roll from our list. It details love, struggles, marriage and, of course, how to juggle all at once. The album is heartfelt, honest and ironically comical. 

Listen if: you are debating becoming the 2015-version of a runaway bride

Best Song: “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me” 

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