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The Man Behind Marlins Man

Max Schwartz |
June 8, 2015 | 12:24 a.m. PDT

Civic Center Bureau Chief

You may not know him by name, but if you watch sports, you know who Laurence Leavy is. He is the guy who sits in the perfect position at sporting events - in the case of baseball, right behind home plate - in an orange Miami Marlins jersey. Leavy has appeared at games of almost every kind for years - he has been a Marlins season ticket holder since 1993 - but before the Marlins changed colors in 2012, he was not noticed, and he did not make the news.

Most importantly, Leavy, a Miami native, is selfless. He takes people who he does not know to the games with him. His guests could be people, for example, who have medical conditions, have just endured a loss in their life or could not afford to attend.

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Why does he take complete strangers with him? To pay it forward. That is his motto: Pay it forward. He does nice things for strangers because it makes them, and others, happy. That is also the one condition he puts on his guests. They must do one nice thing for a stranger during the following week. Leavy does not do it for the credit, but recently the San Francisco Giants put a thank you Marlins Man message on their big screen.

Marlins Man, as he is known, went to the Dodger game on Sunday, which is where Neon Tommy interviewed him.

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