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6 Anticipated Films At The L.A. Film Festival

Dale Chong |
June 9, 2015 | 10:13 p.m. PDT

Film Editor

If Los Angeles is known for anything, it’s for Hollywood, movie making, and all things related. And what would the world of the motion picture be without celebrating the beautiful art. We’ve seen everything at Cannes, we’ve raved about the films shown at Sundance. Now it’s time to take a look at The Los Angeles Film Festival

The L.A. Film Festival celebrates creatives and showcases the “diversity, innovation, and unique visions in independent American and international cinema,” and while it’s happening right in the backyard of Neon Tommy, it’s time to take advantage of what the independent film industry has for us. You might be a movie buff, or you could be a complete newbie to the cinema. Either way, we’ve got you covered on which films to watch out for at this year’s festival.

The Overnight

A family moves to East Los Angeles where they’re desperate to meet new friends. After meeting a friendly father in the park, they eagerly join him to family pizza night at his home. But once the kids go to bed, the family gathering becomes more intimate and exhilarating as the couples being to open up with each other, becoming much more raunchy than expected. This comedy stars Jason Schwartzman, Adam Scott, and Taylor Schilling as it explores the sexual frustration and insecurity many married couples face. 

Weepah Way For Now

If you grew up as a fan of Aly and AJ Michalka, you’ll find yourself the sister duo all over again. This film surrounds the story of two twenty-something sisters who prepare for their next music tour while living in Laurel Canyon. You’ll watch as they spend carefree days with their friends and play for their going away party. The Michalka sisters show off their musical talents as well as the raw relationship of their sisterhood.

Out of My Hand

“Out of My Hand” follows the life of Cisco, a devoted worker and father who works every day on a rubber tree plantation in Liberia doing the trying tasks of work that pays just enough to get by. When Cisco and his co-workers attempt to create a union, he loses his job and decides to follow after his cousin  by moving to New York City where he becomes a cab driver. Eventually he has to face the challenges that happen in America while simultaneously battling the ghost of his past.

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The Escort

A young journalist, Mitch, convinces Natalie, a Stanford-educated prostitute, to let him follow her around for the exposé he’s writing for a magazine. Although initially hesitant to allow him to peer into her life, Natalie eventually beings to use him as a bodyguard to protect her from the various personalities she meets on a nightly basis. What begins as a business deal develops into a friendship as the two realize how much they complete each other.

What Lola Wants

17-year-old Lola Franklin stages her own kidnapping in order to run away from her Hollywood parents. In the process she meets Mario, a charming, young thief who teaches her the art of pickpocketing. Soon they laze through the New Mexico countryside like a modern ode to “Bonnie and Clyde.” What starts as an innocent effort to get away from the Hollywood lifestyle turns into a dangerous act of defiance. 

3rd Street Blackout

“3rd Street Blackout” centers on Mina and her boyfriend Rudy, a quintessential hipster couple in New York and would live, work and love across digital platforms. When Hurricane Sandy takes over the city and all the power of their neighborhood, the night seems romantic at first. However when Rudy discovers an indiscretion that Mina kept from him, they have to navigate the uncharted territory they never crossed digitally or they risk losing their relationship.

The L.A. Film Festival is June 10-18, 2015. 

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