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5 Questions With Wolf Alice

Joyce Jude Lee |
May 4, 2015 | 5:17 p.m. PDT

Music Editor

 Jenn Five)
Jenn Five)
They're weird, they're fun and they're crazy cool. Wolf Alice, a female led band from the UK, is set to make big waves in America. They're a relatively new band in the states, but they've already got some experience under their belts. Over the past year, Wolf Alice has toured with alt-J and played packed showcases at SXSW. They have been lauded heavily on BBC Radio 1 and recently they were featured on NPR’s New Music program. The quartet has also been shortlisted on BBC Sound of 2015 and is kicking ass all around with world with their distortion heavy guitar tracks. 

Signed to indie label Dirty Hit Records, who is also home to indie darlings The 1975, Wolf Alice will release their debut record “My Love Is Cool” this June. Before then, the band will play a sold out show at the Roxy on May 19. 

Neon Tommy had a chance to get to know a bit better recently—read on to get to know the band and their music. 


NT: How is playing in America different from playing in Europe?

WA: Maybe the main thing is how instantly responsive and enthusiastic the crowds are here. A room with 20 people can have the same vibe as that of 200 just down to the energy that people seem to give. We've been very humbled by all the whooping and hollering from people that have driven hours to get to a show, it's blowing our minds a bit.

NT: What's the most surreal thing that's happened to you guys since you've been in a band? 

WA: Not sure it's totally surreal, but hearing our Roxy show sold out is pretty weird. Theo's auntie told us a story of seeing Bob Marley there back in the '70s and how legendary the venue is, so it's a bit of a 'pinch yourself moment' and we're super excited.  

NT: Were you guys expecting such huge support from BBC Radio, DJs, and other bands when you first started putting out music?
WA: Don't know if expecting is the right word, but surely all bands would love their music to be heard by as many people as possible. The efforts of all those outlets you've mentioned has made it possible for us to be where we are today, so we're mad grateful.

NT: Could you talk about "My Love Is Cool"? Will it sound like the singles we've heard or will there be lots of variety?
WA: It's a cliche for bands to tell everyone to ''expect surprises'' on their album, but we've really tried to push every extreme of ourselves with the record. Our distortion pedals are still set to massive but we've also indulged in our poppier and weirdo sides. 

NT: Describe Wolf Alice in seven words.
WA: Distorted pop weirdos who should know better. 

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