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What Won't Madonna Do To Stay Relevant?

Kristen Lago |
April 13, 2015 | 1:04 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Twitter @Fashion____News).
(Twitter @Fashion____News).

Madonna will stop at nothing to stay relevant these days. 

Need some examples? Well we can start with the slew of onstage makeouts, or her awkwardly innapropriate outfits and red carpet appearances.

But this weekend the "Queen of Pop," really took her antics to a new level of awkward. During his performance at Coachella, Drake recieved an unpleasant surprise, the 56-year-old mother of four planted one on 28-year-old Drake. 

Let's take a look at the excruciatingly awkward video below. Try not to gag (shoutout to Drake). 

This comes after many attempts by the former pop sensation to revitalize her career and stage a comeback. Although according to Billboard the singe has earned a total of 56 chart hits, including 36 in the top ten, her latest album "Rebel Heart" has yet to crack the list. 

Her latest single off the album, "Living for Love," seems a bit two years ago as reported by The Independent Online"Madonna seems to be a few yards behind the common edge," said writer, Emily Jupp. "She has just cottoned on to electronic dance music." What could have been a hit in 2013 is now nothing more than another example of Madonna trying to keep up with the times.

Though her performance with Taylor Swift at the I Heart Music Awards last month was heralded by many as, " the most memorable moment" of the award show, I wonder if one can even classify the performance as a true collaboration. As put by Time Magazine, she did what has become commonplace for the pop mogul, "enlisted a younger performer to grant her music some extra currency."

But is this an aging pop star's desperate ploy to stay relevant in a music industry vastly different from the one she first entered in the early 1980s?

Rather I like to think of it as a music idol who has always been at the forefront of music trends trying to catch up and cement her legacy. While I am the first to criticize her outlandish and often outrageous antics, I have to show some pity for Madonna. 

In a time where pop queens are the new thing, Madonna has to fight to stay relevant and even just to keep up with the likes of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande to name a few. 

After an impressive 30 year career, she just can't command the media the way she once could.. hence the onstage makeouts, duets, and outrageous outfits.

That her career has spanned this long is a feat in and of itself. But as The Detroit Free Press argues, you can't count her out just yet; "After all there are few things pop culture loves more than a good comeback story. And there are few wgo understand pop culture more than Madonna. 

So the answer to our question: "What won't Madonna do to stay relevant?"

The answer: Nothing. But hey, we're still talking about her right? Something must be working. 

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