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The Third Best Quarterback In The NFL Draft Is...

Bradford Evans |
April 27, 2015 | 12:40 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

We’ve been asking since January: who is the best quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft?

Is it Jameis Winston, or the reigning Heisman trophy winner Marcus Mariota? It seems like these two quarterbacks are the only ones that exist in this year’s draft. One would think more quarterbacks would be in the conversation for a first-round selection with so many quarterback-needy teams. 

Someone is bound to reach for a quarterback. Look at how the Bills took EJ Manuel, who was never worth a first-round pick but was selected 16th overall, because teams are always on the prowl for a franchise quarterback. This year is slim pickings as far as quality signal-callers go. So it is likely that a team will reach early to find the third-best quarterback.

It's Brett Hundley, UCLA's standout skipper and a fine player who has potential to be drafted early. 

Now I’m not saying that Hundley will go in the first round, but what I am conveying is that we always see teams select quarterbacks earlier then they should. At the moment, many experts predict the former Bruin to go late in the second round, or early in the third round. But the odds of a team getting trigger happy and picking him earlier than his projection is likely to happen. 

Although the team that selects Hundley may be reaching for the third-best quarterback in the draft, he has potential to be great. Last year, he threw 22 touchdowns and only five interceptions while completing nearly 70 percent of his passes. He was efficient and made the throws he needed to in order for his team to succeed. In the years before 2014, Hundley’s interceptions decreased, and his completion percentage increased. Throughout his three year tenure as starting quarterback of the Bruins, his completion percentage increased by five percent. Hundley’s numbers show that he has improved each year, which is a good sign for teams that are interested in drafting him.

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Another important factor that plays a role is Hundley's ability to win games. During his time at UCLA, Hundley posted a 29-9 record as a starter. He never won a national championship, but Hundley has shown that he is a consistent winner, which is a big factor when a team is selecting a quarterback.  

With all that is great about Hundley, there are a few flaws he must correct. Scouts often say that Hundley “locks in” on specific receivers and does not progress through his reads efficiently. This is a cause for concern because any quality defensive back is going to be able to read Hundley like a book. 

Another criticism about Hundley is that he holds on to the ball for too long, which causes him to take unnecessary sacks. This past season, Utah took Hundley down 10 times in a game. He must get rid of the ball faster and become more efficient in his decision making. 

Luckily for the UCLA product, holding on to the ball and staring down receivers are correctable habits. It’s not like he lacks the athleticism and raw talent that a quarterback needs to thrive.

If he sits for a year or two behind another quarterback, Hundley will be able to learn and grow into a fabulous player. 



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