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With Spieth's Win, A New Era Of Golf Has Begun

Jeffrey Dubrof |
April 13, 2015 | 1:10 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Jordan Spieth (@AP_Sports/Twitter)
Jordan Spieth (@AP_Sports/Twitter)
April 12th, 2015. This is the date that golf will have changed forever.

Sunday afternoon on a cloudy day in Augusta, Georgia, 21-year-old Jordan Spieth made history by becoming the second youngest player ever to win the Masters Golf Tournament. Spieth, a former National Champion for the University of Texas, finished the tournament at -18 and tied Tiger Woods's - yes, that Tiger Woods - course record for lowest score through 72 holes. Spieth played the perfect weekend of golf and, in doing so, has accomplished something that not many young golfers have been able to do.

Spieth has officially ushered in the new generation of golf and kicked out the old one. 

When Spieth took the course on Thursday, there was only one thing on his mind. He was looking to avenge last year’s meltdown on the final day that ultimately led to Bubba Watson winning his second Masters in three years. Spieth came into the tournament as one of the hottest players on the tour and it was not outrageous to think that the 21-year-old phenom could take the tournament. After Day 1 of the tournament, Spieth was -8 and had set a course record for the lowest score after 18 holes. This would not be the only record Spieth would set on his quest that ultimately led to his green jacket.

While Spieth was leading the competition, the other player to win a Masters championship at age 21, Tiger Woods, was +1 and looked the same as he had in his past tournaments. Spieth had the lead after day 1 and never looked back as he rode that lead all the way until the end and found himself as the first golfer since 1976 to lead the Masters for all four rounds. 

Spieth wrote new pages in the record book of Augusta and while those are all great accomplishments, there is so much more to come. Spieth not only launched this new era of golf that looks to be heavily dominated by young golfers such as Ricky Fowler and Rory Mcllroy, but he also gave golf fans a new rivalry between himself and Mcilroy.

What used to be a rivalry between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is now replaced by two golf stars, both under the age of 25. This new rivalry will usher in a new era of golf that Tiger was never really able to produce. This fact is a compliment to Tiger actually. Tiger’s dominance in his prime was so outstanding that there was not anyone besides Mickelson, whose mere five majors are not comparable to Tiger’s 14, that could compete with Woods.

Tiger never had someone to play the Boston Celtics to his Los Angeles Lakers. He was always the dominant player in golf.

When Tiger took his leave of absence after details of his personal life had been leaked, it was time for someone to take up the mantle and be the new face of golf. It took time for someone to take that place, but as Tiger struggled to have his game return to where it was before his incident, the young Northern Irishman, Mcllroy quickly became the face of golf when he dominated the US Open in 2012.

For some time it looked as if Mcllroy was to be the next face of the PGA. He was young and had pure talent on the course. Mcllroy finished the 2014 season winning two straight majors and was really unmatched by any other golfer. However, after this weekend it is evident to everyone that Spieth is ready to meet McIlroy head on and has proven that he has the ability to be something greater than just another Phil Mickelson. 

Jordan Spieth and Rory Mcllroy (@120Sports/Twitter)
Jordan Spieth and Rory Mcllroy (@120Sports/Twitter)

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Mcllroy is just about four years older than Spieth and it took him 10 tries to win a major championship before his first. Spieth only attempted eiight times before winning his first. Both captured the attention of the golf world at a young age, but each had a little stumble on their path to reaching their first major title. Both faltered on the final day of the Master’s and both have bounced back with ease.

There is something about Spieth that really appeals to the fans of golf. A young, humble American player from Texas has generated a certain charm that has attracted fans from all over the world. Spieth’s powerful potential was fully unleashed on the world this past weekend and he attacked the field with great force. Spieth took risks while others may have played it safe and gone for the bogey after slicing their first shot. He took the risk and it gave him the best reward imaginable.

Spieth is making it clear that he is gunning for something that Mcllroy has: the number one spot in the world. 

This man is a winner. He's proven as much in his short career. He competed for Amateur titles while in high school at Jesuit Preparatory School in Dallas, Texas and led the Texas Longhorns to a golf title. It is no shock to anyone that his goal in the PGA is to be number 1.

Spieth knows that Mcllroy has four major championships to his one and understands what it will take to take Mcllroy’s spot in the world rankings. However, something that makes this future rivalry even sweeter and more fun to watch is that Spieth now has the one thing that golfers all over the world, including Mcllroy, want most: a green jacket.

All Mcllroy needs is that jacket to have at least one career win in each major championship and next year he will have to take down the now reigning champion Spieth to finally have it. When it finally looked like Mcllroy had separated himself from other young golfers like Fowler or Jason Day, in came the young Texan. 

The next opportunity to see Mcllroy and Spieth face off against in a major championship will be this summer during the US Open at the Whistling Straits Golf Course. It will be a much-anticipated tournament to see whether or not Spieth’s outstanding, historic performance at Augusta was a fluke.

Still, whether or not Spieth or McIlroy are able to pull out a win at the US Open, it is clear to everyone that a new era of golf has begun and it will be the best golf that fans have seen in a very long time.

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