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Inside The Mind Of The USC Girl Mafia

Jessica Moulite |
April 3, 2015 | 9:52 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Instagram/Neon Tommy)
(Instagram/Neon Tommy)

Posters by the self-proclaimed USC Girl Mafia covered walls, bulletin boards, and tables seemingly overnight at the University Southern California after a string of reported campus offenses related to fondling and inappropriate touching.  

Staff reporter Jessica Moulite had the opportunity to speak with a member of the USC Girl Mafia under the condition of anonymity. 

Who, or what, is the USC Girl Mafia?

The USC Girl Mafia is anyone who believes that anyone should be able to walk down the street without being in danger of someone assaulting them, harassing them or otherwise feel unsafe. The USC Girl Mafia believes this especially about women, who are usually targeted in this way, simply because they're women. The USC Girl Mafia is using awareness to fight back against the serial fondlers. 

Speaking of which, what a name! Where did it come from?

The name came from one of the founding members, and was originally used to refer a particular women-dominated school at USC. We decided to widen the name to the entire university, because these crimes are targeting all of us, not just some in a particular major. 

The establshment of the USC Girl Mafia comes on the heels of numerous incidents of sexual harassment near campus. Do you see this group existing for some time?

The USC Girl Mafia was created to respond to these particular incidents. What was strange about them was the silence around them. People would get an alert and then several days would go by and the only word on resolving this crime was yet another alert saying that this crime had been committed again. We want to break that silence with a strong, unified response. We who started the group are actually graduating in a matter of weeks, so if there's any future need, we hope that somebody carries on that name. 

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How would someone get involved with the group if she wanted to? 

Just tweet at us (@USCGirlMafia) with your details. We'll get back to you ASAP! Women and men welcome!

What message does USC Girl Mafia want to spread to the USC community, and greater society, through the use of social media?

Everybody should respect women and their bodily autonomy. We want to spread the message that even though the serial fondlers haven't been caught, even though people commit sexual assault and often get away with it, we're not taking this in silence. 

(Instagram/Neon Tommy)
(Instagram/Neon Tommy)

What USC Girl Mafia's greatest hope?

We hope that our message resonates on some level for everyone at USC. If you want to follow us or get involved, just @ us on Twitter and Instagram: USCGirlMafia. 

And lastly, any words for the "serial fondlers" out there?

We want to the serial fondlers to know that they're despicable, that what they're doing isn't clever or funny, and that they won't be able to commit these crimes in a vacuum. They have set out to threaten and humiliate the women that go to USC, but they won't succeed in doing so. 

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