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Two Police Officers Shot In Ferguson During Protest

Celeste Alvarez |
March 12, 2015 | 2:47 a.m. PDT

Court Editor

Tensions are increasingly high in Ferguson after two officers were shot during a protest outside the local police department around midnight Thursday morning.

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St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said during a news conference that a 32-year-old officer from the nearby city of Webster Groves was shot in the face and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder, according to the Associated Press.

Belmer noted that the officers suffered “serious” injuries, but were conscious when they were taken to the hospital. Further details about their conditions were not immediately known.

"I don't know who did the shooting, to be honest with you," Belmar told the press, adding that he could not provide a description of the suspect or gun. He did have “assumptions” that the shots were “directed exactly at [his] officers” given their positions and the bullets’ trajectory, according to AP.

Protesters at the time had gathered near the police department following the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson on Wednesday.

More details about this case will be updated as they become available.

Below is a video that claims to be taken during the shooting in Ferguson. Warning: Video contains graphic audio and footage.

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