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Zella Day And Milo Greene At The El Rey Theater: Show Review

Jared Bass |
February 20, 2015 | 9:33 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Zella Day charms the El Rey crowd (Jared Bass/Neon Tommy)
Zella Day charms the El Rey crowd (Jared Bass/Neon Tommy)
Two acts, Zella Day and Milo Greene gave it their all on Thursday night to a crowd that ate up every moment and every note the singers wrenched out. 

From start to finish, the audience was receptive and there was never a dull moment. Interestingly enough, the amount of chanting that could be seen among the audience was equal for both Zella and Greene. At times, it was hard to even imagine that Milo Greene was the headliner, not Zella Day. 

Zella, a rising pop artist from Arizona, recently released her first self-titled EP and has been quickly climbing her way to popularity through favorites such as “Hypnotic” and a haunting cover of the White Stripes’s “Seven Nation Army.” Performing a majority of her released material, it was surprising at times just how receptive the audience was. With so few songs released, it is miraculous that she has already achieved such popularity and such a cult following. The amount of people enamored with the chance to meet Zella post-show further proved her increasing popularity, the audience was there for more than just a few tunes. 

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After dancing the hour away to Zella’s smooth pop and electronic beats, the audience then shifted to the more cinematic feel of Milo Greene.

Milo Greene play their new material for the crowd (Jared Bass/Neon Tommy)
Milo Greene play their new material for the crowd (Jared Bass/Neon Tommy)
For those who don’t know the headlining act, Milo Greene is considered a cinematic pop band, led by four lead singers. In the early days of formation, singer Marlana Sheetz stated that the band “wanted to create music that [they] could potentially see being placed in movies and TV.” Fresh off the release of their sophomore album, Control which was lauded by critics, Milo spent the night proving why they deserved to headline a national tour. Nearly every song was visibly being mouthed by the audience, and the energy in the room reached its peak when Greene played their hits such as “1957” and “Silent Room.”

Carrying the energy from song to song and taking only the precious minutes between Zella and Milo to rest, the audience and the artists were in sync at the El Rey, they had connected with the music far more than they would have by just hearing it on the soundtrack to a film.  

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