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Weed Apps Available On iTunes

Knia Frank |
February 15, 2015 | 8:32 p.m. PST

Web Producer

If you live in California or another one of the 23 states where weed is legal, you may soon be able to download more weed apps on iTunes, according to The Verge

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The weed app MassRoots, is at the center of the debate on whether iTunes would allow the promotion of the use of alcohol or illegal substances, a decision that would undermine iTune's guidelines

The MassRoots blog has a section dedicated to featured posts full of pictures of app users and their green products. The blog even goes as far as to present users with "Trending Strains", the most popular bud. The app's twitter handle, with more than 78,000 followers has weed related memes, facts, and pictures. 

Hightimes, a website with any news related to marijuana, published an article with what they call "10 Must-Have Pothead Apps":

1. Marijuana Handbook

2. The Grow App 

3. WeedLaws 

4. Leafly 

5. Stoner's Handbook

6. Cheech and Chong's The Fatty 

7. Optical Illusion 

8. Yelp 

9. Weedmaps

10. Herb Converter

While all of the apps are marijuana related, some offer assistance with laws involving marijuana use, how to convert an ounce to grams, and even an app for entertainment while enjoying the cannabis.

Most of these apps are still so new that there are very few reviews available for them. iTunes has received backlash for banning the app Herb Converter from many outlets like Complex where it made the list for "25 Ridiculous iPhone Apps Banned from the Apple App Store. 


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