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Neon Tommy Super Bowl XLIX Picks

Sports Staff |
January 31, 2015 | 3:30 p.m. PST

Glendale, Arizona. The site of Super Bowl 49. (@NYDNSports/Twitter)
Glendale, Arizona. The site of Super Bowl 49. (@NYDNSports/Twitter)

The biggest Sunday in American sports has the two best teams in the league playing on the last game of the season for a chance at peak football supremacy. What could be bettter than that? 

Here are some of our picks: 

William Lennon, Staff Reporter

Patriots 27, Seahawks 20. Brady hasn't had a healthy Gronk or a defense this talented in years, and I don't think Belichick and Brady will let themselves lose a third consecutive Super Bowl. Expect some trickery, a couple Russell Wilson turnovers, and a Patriots win.

Jodee Sullivan, Staff Reporter 

Seahawks 23, Patriots 20

On paper, this is the most compelling and competitive Super Bowl ever. Give the Patriots two weeks to prepare, combined with the way that they have been playing these last few weeks, and they're quite possibly unstoppable. Given that, they should be dominate for the majority of the game, but the defending champs won't go out without a fight. Carroll's mentality will push the Seahawks to leave it all on the field and they'll come up with a stunning comeback victory over Brady and Belichick--the greatest QB-Coach combo in the history of the NFL. Besides, the best defense always wins it in the end; remember what the Legion of Boom did last year? No matter what, this game is most definitely coming down to the wire.

Josh Cohen, Staff Reporter 

Seahawks, 29 Patriots 15.

Bradford Evans, Staff Reporter

24-17 Seahawks.

The better defense always wins. Plain and simple.

Sean Burch, Staff Reporter

23-17 Seahawks.

The Pats don't have the firepower to stretch the SEA defense and Blount isn't rushing for another 3 TDs. Pete gets his revenge on NE and struts extra hard on the sidelines.

Ben Kraus, Staff Reporter 

Seahawks 21, Patriots 20

With a perennially competitive QB-Coach duo up against a team that always seems to find a way, this one is going to be an instant classic. Through the last two seasons, though, Seattle has made it their job to prove every last critic wrong. Should come down to the wire.

Paolo Uggetti, Associate Sports Editor. 

This Patriots defense finally has the stench of success that closely resembles the Belichick defenses who won those first three Super Bowls. Couple that with a gameplan suited to enhance Tom Brady's strenghts, while hiding his declining weaknesses and this Patriots team is arguably the most complete since 2007. There's no denying what the Seahawks are and what they can do, but I'd venture to say theire team is a more vulnerable than last year. Give me the coach and quarterback who can exploit vulnerabilities better than anyone, and at the end of the day it'll be those two riding off in the desert sunset with a fourth Lombardi trophy as the greatest Coach-QB tandem of all-time. Just make sure we can deflate the football a bit on the Lombardi trophy afterward, otherwise I don't know if it will fit with the other three on the trophy case. 

Jeremy Bergman, Sports Director

Seahawks 22, Patriots 14

Tom Brady will struggle early getting used to the aggressive Seahawks secondary and a properly-inflated football, but will ease into the game after a stirring Katy Perry halftime spectacle. Marshawn Lynch will run for 125+ yards, score the go-ahead touchdown with more than five minutes left in the game and grab his crotch so violently inc celebration that Roger Goodell throws a flag from his press box which hits Lynch right in the Skittles. No matter for Seattle. Brady will lead a meticulous drive down to about the 15-yard line before pressure from the blind side causes a wobbly pass towards Rob Gronkowski. The oaf, too slow-minded to box out defenders, will be beaten to the ball by Kam Chancellor, who with the game-winning pick, will win MVP. (Also, Idina Menzel's national anthem will hit the under. Bet your house.)

Jacob Freedman, Senior Sports Editor

Patriots 31, Seahawks 24.

Are the Seahawks the New York Giants? Nope. In that case, I can't pick against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in a Super Bowl. LaGarrette Blount is the perfect back to punish a Seahawks defensive front down the middle, since Bobby Wagner and Co. are too fast to let runners get big plays outside. The Seahawks' defense is even better than last year's version, but these Patriots are peaking at the right time. A healthy Gronk, healthy Edelman and Brandon LaFell give Tom Brady enough ammo to carve up the Hawks' defense. The game will always be in doubt - but I think New England wins this one in the second half for the fourth title for Belichick and Co.

Max Meyer, Senior Sports Editor 

Patriots 24, Seahawks 20

The Patriots had a resounding answer the game after the Spygate controversy. They’ll make an even bigger statement after an even sillier controversy on Sunday. 



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