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Milo Greene Talks New Band Members, Guilty Pleasures

Rania Aniftos |
January 19, 2015 | 1:07 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Pop band Milo Greene has some new faces you might not recognize (Twitter/@MiloGreene).
Pop band Milo Greene has some new faces you might not recognize (Twitter/@MiloGreene).
There is no doubt that pop band Milo Greene is noticeably creative and different than other artists in the industry today; even the origin of their band name is unique.

While at college, singers Marlana Sheetz, Robbie Arnett and Andrew Heringer needed a manager to promote their music. Sensing the necessity for the perfect person to represent them as artists, the trio invented an imaginary one, named Milo Greene. In 2009, they began recording songs together in Northern California and named their group after their fake manager.

They eventually took their ventures to Southern California and added two new band members, singer and guitarist Graham Fink and drummer Curtis Marrero.

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Milo Greene's self-titled debut album was released in 2012, full of breathy four-part harmonies and soft tones that create a sense of dreaminess with a Californian vibe.

Today, Milo Greene has created a stable fan base—with almost 50,000 followers on Facebook—and is ready to release the new album they've been working on.

I got the chance to speak with Milo Greene before the album release party for "Control," which will be available January 27, and discussed everything from their new sound to their love of movies.

Neon Tommy: I read online that you describe your sound as "cinematic pop." Can you tell me more about what that is?

Marlana: We're all big movie lovers and the parts that we love a lot about movies are the musical aspects and how awesome it can make you feel. So we wanted to write pop songs that could potentially be emotional enough to be a trigger point in a movie.

NT: What are your favorite movies?

Graham: "Airborne."

Robbie: The score in "Airborne" is incredible.

Marlana: We should just keep repping "A Most Violent Year." That movie is so good. So underrated.

NT: So your new album is coming out at the end of January. How is the sound different than what you've done before?

Marlana: It's a little more pop-y this time.

Andrew: We definitely have different approaches as far as the instruments go. We put a lot of emphasis on drums and synthesizers. We also played around a lot with guitar tones and stuff. I feel like it's still us but we found a new set of musical tones to channel that through.

Robbie: It's darker too.

NT: Any specific reason why?

Graham: It's just what we were working with at this point in time. We wrote our first album four years ago and it was a time capsule of what we were doing then and this album is what came out of us over the past year.

Andrew: I think there's an aspect of it about playing live. There's a soft dreaminess to the first record and I think we wanted a record that we could go out and play because we're going to be playing this for the next year and a half. We wanted to take the energy to the next level for every show and give something that's a little more rhythmic and dance-y and maybe a little more up-tempo or something.

Marlana: The songwriting is still the same. It's just different production.

NT: Where do you get your inspiration for songwriting?

Marlana: It helps to get dumped a couple of times and to be sad and also to be happy. There are a lot of different things. Just experiencing life. Everybody goes through it. You kind of hope that you write something and maybe somebody else will actually relate to it.

NT: What's your favorite song off the new album?

Marlana: I really love "Lonely Eyes."

Andrew: That's definitely up there for me.

Robbie: I have relationships with every one of them so it's tough for me to pick a favorite.

Graham: "Not Enough" is my new favorite to play live after rehearsal the other day.

Marlana: It is really fun. They're all so much fun to play live.

NT: That's important, right?

Marlana: Totally. As much as I love the first record, it's very dreamy. When I'm at home and I want to just mellow out, that would be my go-to for sure.

Robbie: You listen to your own record when you're at home?

Marlana: Definitely! I've probably listene to the new one like a hundred times and that is a lot more than I ever listened to the first one, which I guess is a good sign. Sometimes, some of the songs can get sort of sleepy and it's nice to wake up and have fresh new stuff and get a work-out at the same time. Burn some calories.

NT: What is a song that is always stuck in your head at the moment?

Marlana: So many songs. There's a lot of really good stuff out there right now. I think "Inside Out" by Spoon.

Robbie: Yeah, that Spoon record is great.

Marlana: That "Daffodils" Mark Ronson song is so good. Really anything that locks into a groove and stays that way for the whole song.

NT: Guilty pleasure?

Andrew: Gardening. I've been really getting down with gardening lately.

Marlana: Robbie would probably say Hayley Williams.

Robbie: That's not a guilty pleasure. That's fully out there.

Marlana: TV is definitely one. I like really good TV and also really bad TV. I have everything: Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, you name it.

NT: Lastly, what is something you want your fans to know?

Marlana: I think our sound will constantly progress and change as we go on.

Andrew: I think the evolution of our records could definitely go from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Graham: But we'll never stop loving you. Mommy and Daddy will always love you, no matter how they change and grow and no matter where they go in their lives. We love each and every one of you forever.

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