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7 Reasons Zooey Deschanel Will Be The Best Mom

Diana Lee |
January 21, 2015 | 6:12 p.m. PST

Entertainment Producer

Jess Day has provided more than a few heart-warming moments. (FOX)
Jess Day has provided more than a few heart-warming moments. (FOX)
Another congratulations are in order for actress Zooey Deschannel and producer Jacob Pechenik! They're expecting their first baby AND they're engaged. Zooey's character on "New Girl," our favorite girl-next-door Jess, provides all the reasons why we think Zooey would make a great mom.

She has sage advice.

Not only does Jess speak what's always on our mind during horror movies, she's also the most relatable mom ever. Her daughter or son will be forewarned not to go down to the basement if there are weird noises coming from there. 

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She asks all the important questions.

But just how does the dog fit in a tiny cup? Seriously, Jess would totally understand all the emotional roller coasters of a teenager.

"Woah, cute guy alert"

Yes, that's exactly how one would react to seeing an attractive person.

She understands boy problems. 

She has been through all sorts of boy drama, and if she has a girl, she's bound to have a solution for her little one's dilemmas. Mama Jess to the rescue!

Just how do you respond to compliments?

In this few seconds, she summarizes how many of us feel when we get a compliment. Sure, the normal thing to do is say thanks and smile, but why in the world would we do that?

"Help a brotha out"

She won't just be a mom; she'll be cool mom. 

Plus, she has the best friends in the world.

If Jess Day were pregnant, Cece would definitely be the godmother!

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