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Dancing To Success, Hanging By A Thread

Raakhee Natha |
December 17, 2014 | 4:43 p.m. PST


Dance is beauty, escape and survival. This is the story of one dance group; from the group’s creation by a young, female entrepreneur to the stories of dancers struggling with their own journeys toward success in a tough industry. This is the story of Karmagraphy.

Kavita Rao, the co-founder and current owner of Karmagraphy, a Bollywood fusion dance company, said the profitable five-year old venture has made it possible for dancers to live their dream. The company has doubled in size almost every year and is currently home to 40 dancers. Rao explains that her role as a businessowner happened by accident. Other dancers approached her to join the then nonexistent company and she thought, why not?

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Since then, she hasn’t looked back, saying that a big part of the company’s success is a clear and strong vision. The ability to see beyond what’s offered by the market is vital to a new business, according to Rao. 

The dancers of Karmagraphy are undoubtedly the main reason behind its success, but dance isn’t the easiest career choice. Dancers like Arody Trujillo acknowledge that it takes a lot of hard work, but said it is impossible to do anything else.

“When I dance, it’s just a feeling of there’s nothing that can stop you," said Arody.

While it’s a tough industry, Angela Bergamo says that the opportunity to dance consistently as part of Karmagraphy is a big boost to her confidence and performance abilities.

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