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Train Wreck Kills One, Injures 70

Hillary Jackson |
November 5, 2014 | 3:48 p.m. PST

Web Producer

(Yahoo News/Twitter)
(Yahoo News/Twitter)

A passenger train derailed in Algiers Wednesday, killing a 55-year-old woman and injuring 70 others, officials said.

The train heading to Thenia, a suburb of Algiers, veered off track at 8:10 a.m., approximately 150 meters from Hussein-Dey train station, according to the Algeria Press Service. 

Those injured were taken to area hospitals, Lieutenant Sofiane Bakhti said.

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Railway officials have yet to determine the cause of the accident. Two of the black boxes have been recovered from the train. Officials are trying to find the third.

Read more at Algeria Press Service and Yahoo News

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