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Obama To Voters: 'I Hear You'

Max Schwartz |
November 5, 2014 | 12:21 p.m. PST


Screen shot of ABC.
Screen shot of ABC.
One day after the Republicans stood up to Democrats across the country and took control of the Senate, both Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), the minority leader, and President Obama made statements on the dynamics moving forward. 

Obama said he spoke with members of the Republican leadership and part of that conversation included that he looks forward to working with them to do "America's business."

After speaking like a president, Obama got more personal by telling voters "I hear you," and by saying that he prioritizes the "ambitions" of the people and not that of the politicians.

He then reverted back to being more presidential and said that he is "eager to work with the new Congress," so it is productive. He also said that Congress needs to be prodctive.

While being presidential, Obama slightly brought up the partisan divide by saying, "Congress will pass laws that I cannot pass," and he said he would take actions that Republicans will not like. One such action may be immigration.

The president also touched on one of his major projects of the year - minimum wage - by saying that the states which had an increase on the ballot passed the measure. Obama said this is one of the areas that he and Congress can compromise on.

Obama then went through what he would like Congress to work on before the end of the year and reemphasized the idea that Congress needs to work. "The point is, it's time for us to take care of business," Obama said, during the new Congress. He then followed with his saying that "we are the United States."

Obama then took questions from reporters.

Obama's remarks come after he called "dozens of House, Senate, Gubernatorial candidates of both parties, and members of the House and Senate leadership," according the White House via a pool report.

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