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'Bad Girls Club' Season 13, Episode 7: 'Trouble in Paradise'

Cristian Pagan |
November 20, 2014 | 12:09 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Camilla and Jada's first argument (Oxygen)
Camilla and Jada's first argument (Oxygen)

After Judi's departure from "Bad Girls Club: Redemption," the tension in the house simmers down and the girls get a visit by two men in skirts telling them they are going to Hawaii. Everyone is extremely excited to take a vacation and hopefully get away from the drama. Julie is pretty much done with Dani at this point, however, she cannot stop talking about her behind her back.

Dani is excited to go to Hawaii but she is terrified of flying so the flight will definately be interesting. We get our first glimpse into Jada's rocky relationship with her mom. She talked to her on the phone and tells her how all she wants is for her mom to be healthy and happy. 

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Drama quickly sparks up in Hawaii when Sarah brings up that Julie and Rocky and Jada were making jokes about Dani being afraid of heights. Dani confronts Julie and Jada and asks whether or not it occured. Things escalate as people start getting offended and in their feelings. 

The girls go out and things are still very intense. Jada and Camilla had a verbal argument in the morning and Camilla had to get held back and pulled away before things turned physical. The girls then go parasailing and ironically Sarah and Jada get paired to go together which was pretty awkward. 

The girls also got the chance to win some money in a Hawaiin competition. They had to separate into 2 teams of 3. It was no surprised that Jada, Rocky, and Julie (Pink Team) teamed up while Sarah, Camilla, and Dani (Purple team) where their opponents. They had some pretty weird challenges. The first part required them to eat a whole bunch of different food. The purple team had some trouble with this part and they were throwing up the whole time.

The next challenge had them spinning around in circles ten times and then run down the beach. The third part had them holding onto a raft and they had to all keep their hands on it for a certain amount of time. The pink team ended up falling behind because one of them let go of the raft. The purple team ended up having a nice lead into the final part which was to dig in the sand until they find a chest with a whistle that they will blow.

The purple team had some trouble finding it since they did not realize it would be so deep. The pink team caught up and began digging. Things got really petty when Jada accidently threw sand onto Camilla and Camilla started pouring sand on Jada and throwing it in her face and then she walked away. Camilla was having a lot fo mood swings this episode and she wasn't as considerate to the idea that she is there to change. 

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The girls getting ready for their challenge (Oxygen)
The girls getting ready for their challenge (Oxygen)

In the van, Camilla did not want to move her feet so that Jada could sit next to her (again being childish and super petty). They argued and things escalated when Camilla called Jada's mom a crackhead. Later, at the club, we go back to the drama between Julie and Dani. Dani ends up calling Julie a "cunt" which completely ended things for Julie. However, it is very understandible why Dani is so hurt

Dani talks to Camilla about how she never expected that their relationship would end like this. Julie has been there for her through very dramatic moments of her life. She has eaten at her house, met her family, played with her dog, etc. Meanwhile, Julie and Rocky convince Jada that she should not let Camilla's comment about her mom. 

Jada ends up not only stealing Camilla's camera, but throwing it out the window and breaking it as well. Camilla notices that it is missing very quickly.

She gets very livid and Sarah and Dani become very concerned, for they have never seen her that mad. Camilla confronts the other group of girls and Julie and Rocky say that they did not and would never touch someone else's stuff. Jada in the meantime stays quiet and avoids looking Camilla in the eye. 

Jada is definately scared and being fake. Especially considering the fact that Jada called Sarah spineless for not owning up to taking the family photos. Dani tries to calm Camilla down by telling her that she might have left it in the van. But, in the morning, the camera was not there and Camilla knows that Jada took it. It is only a matter of time before Camilla snaps completely.

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