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5 Seconds Of Summer At The Forum: Show Review

KirPedersen |
November 16, 2014 | 1:10 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The four band members took one final bow after their show at The Forum on Saturday night. (KirbyPedersen/NeonTommy)
The four band members took one final bow after their show at The Forum on Saturday night. (KirbyPedersen/NeonTommy)
God bless One Direction for introducing the world to 5 Seconds of Summer.

The Australian foursome is on the rise, and their first arena show validated their newfound fame. The words guitarist Michael Clifford opened the show with perfectly describe my reaction to the concert: "oh, my god."

The Forum in Inglewood was flooded on Saturday night with teens in a uniform of plaid shirts, black pants and combat boots. Around 15,000 people filed into the cushioned red seats, marking the largest headlining show 5SOS has ever played. The concert was also the band's first ever sold-out arena headliner.

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Throughout the show, Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton were not at all ignorant of this fact. The boys thanked the fans during a number of emotional speeches; it was clear how much this night meant to the band, and their energy ignited a spark in the arena. The connection between the audience and the band was unlike anything I have ever experienced at another concert (One Direction included).

The bandmembers smiled through their singing while the thousands of fans sang the words to all seventeen songs on the setlist. Ashton swore he'd play the drums until his arms fell off for the audience, and all four bandmembers agreed that it was truly the best night of their lives. And even if this weren't a landmark show for 5 Seconds of Summer, the boys' personalities would still light up the stage. 

Audience members held up their phone lights during 5SOS's "Amnesia." (KirbyPedersen/NeonTommy)
Audience members held up their phone lights during 5SOS's "Amnesia." (KirbyPedersen/NeonTommy)
Each of the musicians has a certain charisma that kept audience members smiling for hours. The boys, Ashton and Michael especially, spoke casually between songs, saying what was on their minds no matter how odd it may be. Ashton, for example, spoke about his time as a Kentucky Fried Chicken employee. There was jumping, there was laughing and there was even a little crying; the show was a rollercoaster, in the best possible way.

As for the music, I can honestly say that 5 Seconds of Summer sounds even better live than they do on their records. Their guitar and drum skills are truly impressive, and there were no vocal mistakes whatsoever - no voice cracks, no jumbled lyrics, nothing. These guys are the real deal. And it seemed that the rest of the audience agreed. After the band's last song of the night, the fans did not stop cheering. Shrieks and claps continued at a constant (very high) decibel for about seven minutes before the band reemerged for two encore songs.

Having been to flashy, firework-filled One Direction concerts, I had very high expectations for this concert. These expectations were far exceeded. This was hands down the best show I have ever been to. So I encourage you all to check out 5 Seconds of Summer for yourself. But if you see them live, speaking from experience, make sure you clear some memory space on your phone beforehand; you'll want to record every song.

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