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11 Best Moments From The 'Project Runway' Season 13 Reunion Special

Kathy Zerbib |
November 1, 2014 | 9:18 p.m. PDT

Senior Entertainment Editor

Korina is not having any of Char's sassiness (Lifetime).
Korina is not having any of Char's sassiness (Lifetime).
After a drama-filled season of "Project Runway" - undoubtedly one of the series' cattiest - Tim Gunn sat down with the fashion designers in Los Angeles a week after the finale to discuss some unfinished business and answer viewers' burning questions. Here's the highlights from the reunion special.

When Tim played a mashup video comparing Amanda Valentine of season 11 and Amanda Valentine of season 13.
Amanda of season 11 is quiet, reserved and unsure of her capabilities. Amanda of season 13 is vibrant, expressive and not afraid to put quirky twists on her designs. She gained a voice since season 11. She knew to think bigger. Whereas Amanda of season 11 was struggling alongside the other designers to gain a footing in the competition, Amanda of season 13 came in and hit the ground running. Redemption never looked so good.

When Char Glover told Tim that the way Korina Emmerich carried herself the whole season was "tasteless." 
Korina and Char started off as friends, and things turned ugly really fast. Korina felt superior to Char, the season's underdog and Tim's lucky save recipient. Korina was not shy when expressing her disgust toward Char in interviews. Korina said she was very upset to lose against a designer she "has no respect for."
At the reunion, Korina was still obviously mad. When clips of Char and Korina's rivalry played, Char was laughing and shaking her head while Korina bore a straight face of silent rage. Char responded to the drama by saying Korina should have handled herself more appropriately. Char said Korina's mannerisms the whole season was "tasteless" and that Korina was "throwing shade the first episode." Korina's "Bish whet" face is priceless. Her problem with Char's statement is the part about Korina acting catty the whole season. "The whole season?" she retorted. "Wow, have you actually watched this season?" Char said. Char then goes on to accuse Korina of a "bad heart," which further angers Korina. But Char does have a point. Korina was regularly seen in interviews blasting the other designers she supposedly was close to.
"I am sorry for how I reacted and I told you that, and you didn't want to accept my apology," Korina said. She's apologized to Char on multiple occasions and Char is unwilling to accept it. Korina then told Tim she's been receiving emails from people who tell her to kill herself and that's when we are forced to start feeling sorry for her. The other designers are on the verge of tears. She leaves the stage crying. "Even though she was extremely dramatic, I'm on Korina's team," said one of the designers watching the drama unfold. …Really? She was the mean girl of the entire show and now Char is to blame for making Korina feel bad about herself at the reunion? Get real, people. Char was victimized and Korina's words can't simply be taken back. "It's not fair," Korina complained backstage. Once Korina came back onstage, Char walked over and gave her a hug as the room clapped in approval. Sigh.

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When the show producers took plenty of chances to make Korina Emmerich look like a villain.
…Because she definitely made it easy for them. When Amanda's cute little evolution video played, it ended with Korina saying, "You know, she has been here before, but we can easily get her out again!" The best part, of course, was when clips of Char and Korina's rivalry played. In episode 11, Korina and Char faced off in an elimination round. In the video, Korina can be seen swearing and repeating, "This is such [Bleep!] I'm so much [Bleep!] better of a designer, I can't believe I'm doing this right now." Messy, messy girl.

When Char was exposed as a hypocrite.
Speaking of making Korina out to look like a villain, the next segment after Char v. Korina was Amanda v. Korina and Char. Korina took time before the day's challenges to tell Amanda she considered her phony. "Don't even think about it, just do you," Korina said in the clip, laughing. "Are you kidding me? That's all I can think about," Amanda responded. Seriously, Korina, you had a lot of apologizing to do at the reunion.
Char also took some digs at Amanda during the show, saying Amanda was unfairly brought back for another season and that Amanda's wins are "taken away from other people." Well, well, well. As much of a victim as Char was during the show, she also turned out to be quite the hypocrite. We're on to you, girl.

When all the designers defended themselves against Sandhya Garg's bullying accusations.
Throughout the show, Sandhya was essentially the odd girl out. Her designs were perplexing to the other contestants and her mannerisms weren't especially appreciated, to say the least. At the reunion, Sandhya ripped the other designers, saying Emily Payne was the last one on her side before she, too, turned a cold shoulder to Sandhya.
Amanda immediately called time out, saying Emily stood up for Sandhya in every conversation. As the other designers jumped in to stick up for Emily, Sandhya started crying and saying this was an example of the constant bullying she faced in the competition. Pause. People disagreeing with you is not bullying, Sandhya. She did have valid points and the other designers did agree she was targeted, but not every negative comment is a personal attack. She just doesn't take criticism well.

The designers' reaction to Sandhya saying everyone hated her (Lifetime).
The designers' reaction to Sandhya saying everyone hated her (Lifetime).
When Tim flawlessly dissed the designers for dissing him.
When Char's zipper flew off her dress right when Tim called time during a challenge, Tim allowed the designers to decide whether she could have an extra 10 minutes to redo the zipper before the runway show. The designers unenthusiastically agreed, though they thought this was very unfair. Char was getting saved for the second time, in their opinion. At the reunion, the designers were still bitter about the incident and Sean Kelly said that in hindsight he thought all of the designers should have received the extra 10. Tim sided with Sean's insight and asked if the extra 10 would have changed the episode's outcome. The designers, including the contestant who was eliminated that week Alexander Knox, begrudgingly admitted no. Case closed for Tim Gunn.

When Tim said a "Samantha" (Samantha Plasencia) could not attend the show and oodles of fans had to look up who Samantha is.
Or was that just me? Perhaps. With all the front and center drama going on, quiet Samantha chilled in the background before ultimately being voted out. Her designs were unique, but she fared in the middle and lower middle of the bunch. Emily brought a letter to the reunion from Samantha, which said she had a great time at the show but had to miss the reunion to undergo emergency surgery. Hope everything goes well for Samantha.

When Korina said she was offered a rack at Lord & Taylor.
Hello! A designing opportunity for a major specialty retailer company that produces hot, luxury items? Nice! She's also doing a sweepstakes with Mary Kay. You go, girl! No one money-making else's plans were put on blast, so Korina just owned everyone. She didn't even win and she's still booking deals. She's definitely this season's Michael Costello.

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When Tim announced Amanda won $5,000 from Aldo.
Apparently, Aldo studied all the designers' looks from the season and assessed who used the company's accessories the best. The contestants had no idea there would be a cash incentive for how well they used the Aldo wall throughout the show. Surprise! Amanda was deemed the most stylish, so she got a check for $5,000. Sweet prize for second place! 

When a "Project Runway" fan asked Kini Zamora if he had ever considered making styles for plus-sized women.
Fun fact - he already has a plus-sized line for local women in his home state Hawaii! Hmm, maybe it's time to take things global, as Tim suggested. 

When no one mentioned what Sean's next moves are.
Instead, Tim discussed Sean's journey from the bottom of the pack, his miraculous mid-season transition and ultimately propelling himself to the front of the competition. Okay, cool. But what's next for young Sean Kelly?! A collab with TopShop, tentative plans for a Target line, a new store? Can we at least see what accessory Sean is designing for Red Robin restaurants (Which is part of his reward package). Sean's still deciding how to take on life as a reality competition game show winner so we may have to wait on updates. Korina's doing better than the actual winner of the show.

Check out the full reunion special here.

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