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'The Strain' Season 2 Preview

Chelsea Hernandez |
October 20, 2014 | 7:36 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Don't catch whatever this guy has (FX).
Don't catch whatever this guy has (FX).
After the series premiere of Guillermo Del Toro’s "The Strain" this year, fans of the show are reeling with questions after the intense season finale and demanding to know what is going to happen in Season 2 when the show returns in 2015.

For those who don’t know what "The Strain" is about because of its recent arrival, the show takes place in New York City and follows CDC doctor ‘F’ as he tries to discover the cure to a new virus that turns its hosts into vampire - like creatures that only spread the disease faster as they feed on those they love. However, what he discovers is that these creatures are actually controlled by one all seeing ‘Master’ who plans on taking over the world with his infected followers since his first attempt, through the Nazis in World War II, failed when the Nazis were defeated.

The rest of the season is a group of a New Yorkers, including F, following a man named Abraham who reveals that he has been hunting the Master for decades, ever since he killed Abraham’s brother when they were held captive in concentration camps. Together, the group and Abraham hope to kill the Master and his followers in the process.

While the show has some pacing flaws (too slow in some places) that various people have complained about, the overall progression and visual aesthetics of the show are incredible. Between the magnificent creativity that delves into the actual virus-like effects of vampirism that are often overlooked when addressing the classic ideas of vampirism in Dracula, to the insane makeup effects of the vampires, this show is definitely a must-see.  One of the most chilling scenes in the season is when we see one of our first vampire kills- a little girl, who survived a horrible plane crash where we learn everyone aboard was either killed or turned, is taking a bath where she murders her father helping her. The scene closes with her face half submerged in water, as the blood slowly moves across the surface of the water. This scene was horrifying, but incredibly filmed, so all us viewers could do was watch with our jaws dropped in terror. 

Yet, what should we expect from season 2? In the season finale, we learn that F’s ex wife, Kelly, is in fact not dead, but turned by the Master and determined to destroy any chances F and his son might have in destroying the Master. We also learn that the Master can see through the eyes of each of his followers, and that he does not die in direct sunlight when F and Abraham push him into it. What does this mean for the world in the sense of the apocalypse? Who knows! If we can’t kill the Master with sunlight, the classic tool in the fight against vampires, the vampires have become an even bigger threat than ever before. Hypothetically speaking, this means that Abraham will have to come close enough with his sword, despite the Master’s incredible mind control techniques, to actually cause damage to the Master. That is, of course, if silver even works on him enough to kill him! With this new development that he can survive in sunlight, the entire plan for attack is put into question.

With this next season, I think we will be seeing more of the dynamics between F, his son, and Kelly as the Master uses her to taunt them and falter their resolve in killing off the vampires. I also think we will continue to see Abraham have internal struggles as he deals with the relentless guilt he feels about his late wife, who died many years before when he failed to save her from the vampires while he was on a mission to kill the Master. We will also see a love or sexual relationship develop (we can’t quite tell which at the moment) between two members of the group, Dutch and Vasiliy. We will also see the ultimate battle between the secret group of vampires that work to destroy the Master since he offended the other ancient and major vampire leaders. I think, however, we can assume we will not see a real end to the Master, since that would technically mean the end to the show since the real threat would be gone. However the next season goes, us fans are very excited for it because all we want to learn is how to kill the Master. The suspense is killing us! 

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