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Thursday Boot Co. Founders Design Shoes For The Hipster And The Suit

Fehbe Meza |
October 18, 2014 | 5:33 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Thursday Boot Company co-founders, Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson (Thursday Boot Co.)
Thursday Boot Company co-founders, Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson (Thursday Boot Co.)
Nolan Walsh decided that if he couldn't find boots that fit his tastes in stores, he was going to make his own. That decision prompted the creation of the shoe line, Thursday Boot Company.

Walsh always liked to wear boots but often found himself struggling to find the happy medium between boots that were too industrial and those that were too fashionable.

“I felt like there was no in-between for a guy like me,” Walsh said.

Walsh and his business partner, Connor Wilson, met as classmates at Columbia University's Business School and set off to build their globally-connected company. Luckily for them, Columbia gives business students the option to intern or do something more fun.

Walsh and Wilson decided to skip the internships and travel to Guatemala to learn how to make boots. Afterward, they searched for the best factory to make their products before finally deciding on one in Mexico. Walsh knew he had stumbled upon something big when he began to speak to a number of people who had the same problem with finding practical, well-made boots at a reasonable price. 

“You can pay $150 for boots that fall apart instantly or you end up paying $500,” Walsh said.

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Walsh’s commitment to his craft is evident in every aspect of his business. He wants to make the best possible boots at the best possible price. “Where other brands cut corners, we invest, but because of that, our margins are bad,” Walsh said.

The first boots were successfully sold on Etsy and a number of department stores have already expressed interest in the brand, yet the company’s commitment to quality and social equality is unwavering. The boots are designed in New York and are made in the best factory in North America with quality leather from the United States. They are currently priced at $199 and consumers can choose from three styles in three colors. Walsh hopes to expand the company to include a women’s line and an e-commerce site to keep their price low.

But it wasn't always Walsh's original goal to get involved with fashion. He wrote a list of possible ideas to start his own business, many of which involved creating an app, while working as an investment banker. “There’s a general thought that you can’t make money from products,” Walsh said. “This was near the top of the list but tech business ideas were up there too.”

Walsh is now partners with Dorm Room Fund, an investment firm that supports student entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur himself, Walsh knows the risks of starting a business but still encourages students to just go for it and believe in themselves. “There were so many times where no one believed in it and there will be times when you won’t believe it,” Walsh said. 

Currently, Thursday Boot Co. can only be purchased via the company’s Kickstarter, which has raised over $180,000, which is well over their original goal of $30,000. The versatility of the boots is part of the reason for the company's early popularity. It is extremely rare to find quality, style and comfort in one package at a great price. Moreover, Walsh created the boots with the clear intention not conform to any stereotype and a simple philosophy in mind.

“We wanted to make something that we could wear confidently on Williamsburg and Wall Street,” Walsh said.

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