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Kaye Morales At L.A. Style Fashion Week

Mona Khalifeh |
October 17, 2014 | 2:04 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Morales' collection featured edgy looks with masks. (Mona Khalifeh/Neon Tommy)
Morales' collection featured edgy looks with masks. (Mona Khalifeh/Neon Tommy)
L.A. designer Kaye Morales debuted her Spring/Summer 2015 "Centepede" line to an eclectic downtown audience at The Reef for Style Fashion Week. As the lights of the tented venue dimmed, Morales, always daring to be different, revealed a short video showcasing a few of her models in her centepede designs.

As the heavy bass dropped, the first model strutted onto the long, white runway. Setting her apart from the wearable streetwear shows that preceded, Morales presented a line that included masks, straps and headpieces that were more like art than actual clothing. While some pieces were sheer and others lined, the collection had a costume-y feel that would appeal to only the most daring of fashionistas.

Red, black and white were the colors Morales used in her show. Each outfit was highly embroidered or bedazzled with silver and gold accents that gave the otherwise punk attire a soft and elegant feel.

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Morales' best look of the night was this leotard and ball gown creation. (Mona Khalifeh/Neon Tommy)
Morales' best look of the night was this leotard and ball gown creation. (Mona Khalifeh/Neon Tommy)
Showing both men’s and women’s clothing, dresses and bodysuits were shown for women, while the men’s looks came in the form of suit jackets and pants or in one case, a crop top over matching fitted pants. The models wore their hair down and slicked-back with the men wearing their hair in a similar fashion.

While Morales' show was eye-catching and drew in the crowd with both its trance music and shocking masks, one look fell flat. The look was a men’s underwear that featured a mask-like set of wiring around it. While creative, it was hard to tell exactly what the look was trying to achieve.

But, Morales closed the show with her best look: a red ball-gown that featured puffed sleeves, a completely embroidered bodice and a long train. Steering away from the traditional gown, Morales showcased her rebel style by creating just a train for the back, while the front served as a glam leotard. The train flowed behind the statuesque model as the show closed with a sea of red.

This menswear look fell flat. (Mona Khalifeh/Neon Tommy)
This menswear look fell flat. (Mona Khalifeh/Neon Tommy)
Appearing with her army of models, Morales, dressed in head-to-toe black, and her crew looked ready for battle, as they powered off stage in a memorable show that stood far apart from a night filled with otherwise typical fashions.

Graduating from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde's production and interior design program, Morales furthered her passion for fashion at SOFA (School of Fashion and the Arts). Taking additional courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Morales was able to combine both European and American fashion to create a line all her own. Centepede shows off that very intertwining of styles that Morales has used to create both streetwear and elegant, punk-inspired styles.

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