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New Fall Music Playlist

Mac McDonough |
October 7, 2014 | 1:36 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The beginning of fall does not just mean the return of pumpkin spice latté addictions and the opportunity to finally where UGG boots and flannels, it means it is time to delete that U2 album on your phone that you didn’t ask for to make room for some new music Below are just a few newer songs to add to your fall playlist:

"Chasing Time" - Azealia Banks

The "212" singer's fans out there will love her new dance-pop ballad, while they still paciently await her debut album, "Broke With Expensive Taste," which still doesn't have a release date.


"Light Years Away" - Oliver

Oliver avoids re-inventing the wheel with the release of two funk-infused synth beats reminiscent of the duos "Night Is On My Mind" with groovy Daft Punk-esque vibes. 


"Say My Name" - ODESZA

Off Seattle duo Odesza's latest album "In Return," "Say My Name (feat. Zyra)" is a dreamy indie electronic song perfect for almost any occassion: the gym, a pregame, party, or postgame hangover recovery song.  


"Control" - Olympic Ayres

The second single taken from Olympic Ayres debut album "Leisureplex" is a great indie-funk end of summer jam for those of you still holding on to sunny days and blue skies.

"Goodbye To A World" - Porter Robinson

Said to be a contendor for Robinson's favorite track off his 2014 album "Worlds," "Goodbye to a World" utilizes robot vocals. Sondfonts, think Ninetendo 64 and 90s videogame nostalgia.


"Ghost" - Halsey

Halsey's "Ghost is a catchy alt-pop song with great female vocals.  


"F*uck That" - Skrillex

My head imploded at 2:46...'nuff said. 


"I'm Into You" - Chet Faker

At this point Chet Faker can do know wrong in my eyes from his incredible collobration with Flume to the remix of his 2012 song "I'm Into You." Everything with his name on it is golden. 


"Struggling" - DrDr

Curtis Gabriel's remix of DrDr's "Struggling" subtley enhances the eletro-pop track. 

"Gunshot" - Lykke Li

Lykke Li's "Gunshot" is one of the more riled tracks off her somber "I Never Learn." The relationshipless or love-scorned listeners will be playing this on repeat. 


"Autumn Sweater" - Yo La Tengo

Not only is Yo La Tengo a great band, but their song "Autumn Sweater" has the word autumn in it. Definitely a better listen than other fall-themed songs like Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends." 


"Let's Get High" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Perfect for jamming out with friends on a day trip to a state park outside the city? Just a suggestion. 


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