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In Defense Of The Sexy Halloween Costume

Dale Chong |
October 28, 2014 | 12:43 p.m. PDT

Film Editor

"In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it." 

Cady Heron couldn't have said it better: Halloween has become a free pass for girls to dress themselves as the "slutty __________," and that's okay.

The world can say what they want about young women (in particular those of the college demographic) dressing up in lingerie or the like but the world also needs to know that there's nothing wrong with it, either.

As a preface, I have never spent my Halloween in a sexy costume--and yes, in the past I have made my preconceived judgements about those who have. In case you're wondering, my previous noteworthy costumes have been a shower loofah and a dust bunny.

I digress, back to the topic of sexy Halloween costumes.

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A lot of times, Halloween can be referred to as a time where it's completely okay to parade around in some sexy lingerie. That being said, such is not always the case. Take the a look at the all-too-classic French Maid.

Girls aren't always getting practically naked on this costumed occasion, but that doesn't mean they're not playing up to their sex appeal. They know what works and what looks good…for the most part, and it gives them confidence. What's wrong with that?

Halloween should not be a time of "slut shaming," because if that's what it takes for a boost of confidence, then so be it. Whether you decide to take it or not, Halloween doesn't have to be a "free pass" to dress like a slut. It should be be an opportunity, not an excuse, to go a little crazy with however you want to dress (because it would be unusual to dress up like a zombie bride on any other occasion).

While I have never participated in the act of jumping into a sexy costume on Hallow's Eve, I have to say that in general, it's always a nice feeling that you're spending time putting a little more effort into your appearance, whether it's just to impress yourself, your friends or a special someone. So take Halloween as a time to get a little more creative with costumes and maybe you'll grab the attention of your very own Hanging Chad

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To each their own, and hey, I haven't seen a Regina George take on the Playboy Bunny for a while (I suppose girls don't think it's creative enough anymore). But why not take part in something as fun as looking cute, sexy and confident? And maybe bring that attitude to the real world (minus the scantily clad part) and wear what you want. 

It could be liberating to be in an alluring outfit. If it makes you feel good, that's actually what matters. Don't let the world's opinions keep you from showing them a rockin' bod. Take charge of your sartorial decisions, and screw anyone who tells you otherwise.

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