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Broods' Album Release Party: Review

Joyce Jude Lee |
October 14, 2014 | 11:46 a.m. PDT

Web Producer

Broods at the El Rey
Broods at the El Rey
The Haim sisters, the Disclosure brothers, and now the Broods siblings--families are taking over the indie world by storm. Fresh off touring with Sam Smith and playing Austin City Limits, Georgia and Caleb Nott of Broods played a sold-out, one-off show last night at the El Rey to celebrate the release of their debut album, "Evergreen."

After fellow New Zealanders Strange Babes warmed up the crowd, Caleb and Georgia strutted onto the stage with confidence and talent way beyond their years. Opening with "Never Gonna Change," a track off their self-titled EP, Georgia hyped up the receptive crowd immediately.

Claps and cheers abound as the siblings moved onto other tracks, including "Evergreen," "Killing Me," and "Everytime," all solid synth-pop tracks off their stellar debut effort. As Georgia sang the first line of "Bridges," the crowd threw up their hands and sang along to every word on the track that introduced the world to the Kiwi duo late last year. 

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The crowd on Monday night (Joyce Lee/Neon Tommy)
The crowd on Monday night (Joyce Lee/Neon Tommy)

Gliding across the stage with bops and finger guns, Georgia immersed herself into her performance, continuously expressing her gratitude for the support, and the crowd fed the energy right back to her. A particularly impressive moment of the hour-long show came when the entire audience held up Broods' cover-art inspired wolf masks and the duo snapped a picture of the crowd.

After the mid-set photo-op, Georgia championed through some ballads, including "Four Walls," which is arguably one of the best tracks off the record. In these quiet moments are where her vocal talent truly shines--her ability to sing softly and emotionally and the notes she can hold as the end of tracks are especially impressive. As the crowd grooved to the set, Caleb and Georgia had the biggest grins on their faces, almost as if they were surprised about the crowd's reaction to their massive performance. With joy filling up every corner of the theatre, Broods closed the set with "L.A.F." and my personal favorite, "Mother & Father." 

(Joyce Lee/Neon Tomm)
(Joyce Lee/Neon Tomm)
Though the Kiwi darlings have only been around for a year, what's so refreshing about Broods' sound is that it captures both elements of seductiveness and naivete that is simply indie pop at its best. At this rate and with their talent, the sky's the limit for the Nott siblings. 

"Evergreen" is out in the US under Capitol Records. 

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