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7 Best Childhood Movies Of The '90s

Tanya Mardirossian |
October 20, 2014 | 11:28 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Home Alone

Christmas time or not, “Home Alone” is a fun movie for children and adults. Written by John Hughes, Kevin is left home alone during the holiday season after his forgetful parents leave him behind. While his parents are traveling to France, Kevin’s home is threatened by two clumsy burglars. 

Mrs. Doubtfire

The talented Robin Williams plays Daniel Hillard, a father in the middle of a divorce. To spend more time with his three children, he asks his brother, a makeup artist for film, to give him a woman’s look. With his new look, he takes on a new persona as Mrs. Doubtfire to nanny his children. 

The Parent Trap

Though this '90s movie is a remake, Lindsay Lohan plays twins Annie and Hallie. The estranged twins meet at a summer camp and decide to switch places to meet their other parent. With tricks and charm, they eventually get their parents in the same room after years of not seeing each other.  

Hocus Pocus

Three sister witches are brought back from the dead after three centuries on Halloween night. They roam around modern day Salem, MA hunting down children and hypnotizing adults. Who would forget Bette Midler singing “I Put a Spell On You”? 

The Iron Giant

Hogarth Hughes finds an iron giant who fell from space. He decides to befriend him and keep him a secret from a suspicious government agent. The film takes place in the 1950s during the Cold War, though the film came out in 1999. The film features Jennifer Aniston as Annie Hughes, Hogarth’s widowed mother. 

Toy Story

The 1999 film enforces the thought kids usually have about their toys: "what do they do when I’m not with them?" “Toy Story” says the toys come to life. They have feelings and emotions, as we see cowboy toy, Woody (Tom Hanks),  become jealous of Andy’s new toy. Woody feels Buzz (Tim Allen) will replace him as Andy’s favorite. 

The Lion King

Known as the Disney version of “Hamlet,” “The Lion King” follows Simba’s journey to adulthood and coming back home after running away form the Pride Lands. His uncle Scar becomes jealous of Simba who will one day become king. Scar plans to kill his brother and Simba to become the heir. Look out for some well-known stars like Matthew Broderick playing character voices. 

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