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Yelle: Complètement Fou 'Track by Track Album Review'

Coral Rucker |
September 25, 2014 | 11:23 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Yelle shows exponential musical growth with their new album, Complètement Fou set to release on September 30th, 2014. The album is filled with songs that go down smooth with a shot of bourbon but then get crazy with their goofy lyrics and hard beats. The new album is a product of their collaborative work with Dr. Luke who gave the album a more melodic sound than their previous albums that were beat-driven.

Completement Fou is Yelle but bigger! - Billboard
Completement Fou is Yelle but bigger! - Billboard
1.    Complètement Fou (Totally Crazy)
The title track, "Complètement Fou" summarizes the album. The melodies are on point, beats are complementary to everything and the lyrics are straight-forward and fun.
Especially with lyrics like, “That’s not a shadow, I’m throwing shade”
As an opener the song provides its purpose.
2.    Ba$$in
This song will have you stand back wondering what’s going to happen at first but then when the chorus comes in you’re already hooked and ready for any curve it will take. Exploring hooks, glitches and giving strong beats really makes this a great track for the album.
3.    Coca sans bulles (Coca Without Bubbles)
Taking us back into the earlier sounds of Yelle, "Coca sans bulles", gives off that 80s dance pop feeling with the guitar licks and the otherworldly space sounds. Yelle’s voice in this song is tweaked in ways that I thought wouldn’t work for a song but it definitely fits with this one. An interesting thing to hear alongside the sound of popping bubbles.
4.    Les soupirs et les refrains (Sighs and Refrains)
This record feels like it’s telling a story about adventure and love. Sounding like sweet sighs and refrains it really sticks to it’s title. Get into this track if you need new music for your car.
5.    Nuit de baise I (Night Fuck I)
Short and smooth like a shot of bourbon, this calming track giving you those nice synth-beats with the smooth sounds of Yelle’s voice.
6.    Toho
Bringing back those hard beats, "Toho" is a track with harmonizing that sounds like a call out to the wild. It gives off a more electronic feel that the previous tracks and has a nice synth-solo towards the end.
7.    Moteur Action (Motor Action)
If I had to give you three songs to listen to off this album, "Moteur Action" would be one of them. This track, like "The Night Out" by Martin Solveig gives off a type of, riding into the night feeling. Pulling you into its catchy beats and seductive lyrics. This track will definitely get your feet tapping at the end of the song.
8.    Florence en Italie (Florence, Italy)
Yelle provides a very sweet and gorgeous feeling to describe an already beautiful city. This song is perfect for watching the sunset over the ocean. Mmm, it’s perfect.
Yelle at Cocotte Club
Yelle at Cocotte Club
9.    Un jour viendra (A Day Will Come)
You ever hear a song and don’t know what they’re saying but you know it’s straight up heartfelt and beautiful? That’s what happens when you listen to "Un Jour viendra". The track is also giving off those Phoenix feelings with the magnificent melody. The whole song itself works so well. A track to bump until the end of time.
10.    Nuit de baise II (Night Fuck II)
A continuation to "Nuit de baise I", featuring a male singer. I think this was done to show the male perspective? Nonetheless he does well it just throws you off when listening to the album because all other songs have a female singer (this could also be a factor of language barrier but the song is a cute ditty anyway).
11.    Jeune fille garnement (Girl Brat)
This record, gives off that feeling that a terror is coming. The first half holds strong but the second half is not that great. This is definitely a song that could grow on you.
12.    Dire qu’on va tous mourir (Saying That We Will All Die)
This dark moody song feels like a build up for the final track. Providing less electronics, guitars and vocal edits that the other tracks, it gives off a smooth minimalist groove.
13.    Bouquet Final (The Grand Finale)
This is the strongest track on the album. If you had to choose a song to listen to first from this album, "Bouquet Final' would be the one. The song’s unique sounds and powerful lyrics serves you with enough reason to get into the album. The emotional feeling given throughout the song really makes it stand out compared to the many electronic tracks out there.
A great ending for a solid album.

4/5 Stars
Recommended if you love Daft Punk, Phoenix, Martin Solveig, Porter Robinson and Dr. Luke.
Song Highlights: Bouquet Final, Complètement Fou, Motuer Action, Un Jour Veindra, Ba$$in

Their new album Completement Fou will be released on September 30th 2014.

Pre-order it on iTunes now.

Yelle will be touring in North America this Fall.

Be sure to catch them when they're in Los Angeles.

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