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Spinning Wheel of Death? Blame Net Neutrality

Rebecca Gibian |
September 10, 2014 | 3:08 p.m. PDT

Web Producer

Screenshot from Electronic Frontier Foundation's website.
Screenshot from Electronic Frontier Foundation's website.
Have you seen the spinning wheel of death on your favorite websites—such as Etsy or Pornhub—today? You can blame net neutrality.

These sites are joined in a 'battle for the net' protest, reports The Guardian. The protest stems from anger at the FCC's plan to let companies pay for faster web service.

Dozens of digital organizations joined together Wednesday to call for stronger protections for net neutrality. Sites participating in the slowdown displayed messages and the "spinning wheel of death" to show users what searching the Internet would be like without net neutrality. 

The sites also directed users to a site with contacts for policymakers in Washington so users can show their support for net neutrality. 

Read more at The Guardian or from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

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