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La Roux At The Fonda: Show Review

Emilie Dylewski |
September 24, 2014 | 4:05 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Midnight Magic @ Emilie Dylewski
Midnight Magic @ Emilie Dylewski
The Fonda saw an above average turn out for a midweek show this Tuesday which showcased British talent La Roux.

What started as a half empty theater at the start of the evening quickly filled as La Roux took the stage. Regrettably, what those who came late missed was the real event. Featuring the powerful vocals of Los Angeles’ own Tiffany Roth, electro-funk band Midnight Magic stole the show before some might say it began.

This self-proclaimed “cosmic disco ensemble” performed their 2010 single "Beam Me Up" as well as "Drop Me A Line," putting forth a unique mix of soulful jazz and funk artfully crossed with pop-synth. The performance, quite simply, validates an impatient wait for their next EP, "Vicious Love."

La Roux @ Emilie Dylewski
La Roux @ Emilie Dylewski
In a manner reminiscent of the White Stripes, La Roux and the accompanying quartet took the stage in coordinated black and white outfits, leaving red as one of the many colors in the endless lightshow.

Known for being quiet, but confident, Elly Jackson of La Roux delivered an impressively high energy performance with the help of her enthused percussionist (and afore mentioned lightshow), but one of the true talents of the night was differentiating between actually recognizing the song and mistaking the song for another in the underwhelmingly unvaried set. Stand outs of the night included a mid-set performance of "Uptight Downtown" and their chart-topper, "Bulletproof," while their other hits such as "In For The Kill" were muddled with the rest.

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