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L.A. Mayor Announces Plan To Increase Minimum Wage To $13.25 Per Hour

Will Federman |
September 1, 2014 | 10:45 p.m. PDT


Mayor Eric Garcetti finally disclosed the worst-kept secret in local politics on Monday, formally announcing his plan to increase the minimum wage in the city of Los Angeles to $13.25 per hour. The mayor discussed his proposal amongst a throng of supporters hosting a Labor Day rally at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

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The mayor’s “Raise The Wage LA” proposal would increase the minimum wage in L.A. to $10.25 per hour in the first year. The minimum wage would increase $1.50 each subsequent year until it reaches $13.25 per hour.

According to Garcetti's figures, 27 percent of the city's residents live at or below the poverty level. The minimum wage in California is currently $9 per hour.

Neon Tommy will be providing in-depth coverage of the mayor’s proposal throughout the week. You can read more at CBS Los Angeles.


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