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The Kooks: 7 Best Songs To Revisit

Joyce Jude Lee |
September 18, 2014 | 10:47 p.m. PDT


The Kooks (Neon Tommy/Jillian Morabito)
The Kooks (Neon Tommy/Jillian Morabito)
If you think "Seaside" is the only Kooks song you need to know, you need to get on Spotify and listen to their entire catalogue, especially their new album, "Listen." Having been a band since 2004 (what?!), The Kooks have consistently put out fantastic tunes that remind me why alternative rock is such a good genre.

The Brits are back and they're better than ever. The Kooks are coming back state-side with their new album and they're probably stopping by in your city. In fact, if you haven't grabbed tickets to their show on September 25th at the Wiltern, you definitely should. After you get your tickets, take a gander at the list below to remind yourself what a great decision you've made. It's difficult to choose seven favorites out of a fantastic catalogue, but these are some of the most smile-inducing, carefree, fun tunes by the Brighton natives. 

1. "Junk Of The Heart (Happy)"

This song is so uplifting and is definitely my personal favorite from the British band. Whether or not you're driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down or in need of a mid-day pick me up, this song, as its title suggests, will definitely make you happy. 

2. "Forgive & Forget"

Basically, it's a life lesson in a song. More so than that, it carries the traditional "Kooks" sound and even introduces funky guitar parts that make it almost a soul-rock song.


3. "Seaside"

To slow things down a bit, this song is perhaps one of the more notable of the Kooks' tunes, and it is also a fantastic morning listen. Beautiful lyrically and melodically, lead singer Luke Pritchard croons about the time he fell in love at the seaside.

4.  "Naive"

It's no surprise that "Naive" is the Kooks' most listened to song on Spotify. With over 32 million streams, "Naive" has all the elements indie rock fans crave in music: fun drum bits, guitar riffs, yearning vocals. Add poetic lyricism to that, you've got this song.

5. "She Moves Her Own Way" 

This tune is a perfect beachside listen; it'll have you swaying along involuntarily five seconds into the song. The guitar parts are also reminiscent of certain Beach Boy's songs. Since we still have a bit of summer left, make sure to put this song on a playlist and take it to the beach with you. 

6. "Bad Habit"

The beginning chants in the song make it almost sound like it could be in the Top 40, but as the song progresses, you're reminded of the Kooks and why they're such a damn good band. Less acoustic than their earlier catalogue, this originial song reminds me of the Artic Monkeys, but twisted and folded into a Kooks tune.

7. "Always Where I Need To Be"

Another carefree song from the British indie darlings, "Always Where I Need To Be" is another banger from the Brighton band. This song features signficantly more 'do-do-do' type sing-a-longs than their other songs, but it works in their favor and makes you want to grove along.


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