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Kendall Jenner Turning 18 Means Clothes Are Unnecessary

Brittany Lazar |
September 11, 2014 | 2:01 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Kendall Jenner Poses Nude for Russell James's 'Angels' (Twitter, @eonline)
Kendall Jenner Poses Nude for Russell James's 'Angels' (Twitter, @eonline)
Kendall Jenner made headlines this week for posing nude yet again, but this time it’s okay because she’s 18 years old right? WRONG. Let’s get some things straight. Kendall is indeed racing through the modeling world with flying colors, but is this too much? I understand that she is trying to be taken seriously in the industry, but it seems every new photo shoot features Kendall Jenner sans clothes.  

First things first, what really is the difference between 17 and 18? Sure you earn the right to vote, can purchase lottery tickets, and can officially be labeled as an “adult,” but I’m pretty sure you’re still very much a teenager. The jump from 17 to 18 really is not that big, so why do some celebrity teenagers often feel that 18 is their time to shed their good image and trade it in for a rebellious or risqué makeover?

Particularly in the modeling world, posing nude is typically viewed as an artistic celebration of the human body. The minute a picture of a nude model surfaces, they are praised for braving the camera and stripping down, and this is the case for Kendall’s recent photos. Most of this praise is coming from media sites, and a recent article from the Huffington Post is the perfect example of this glorification. The problem is, what if she was not a model and just a regular teenage girl? Would it be acceptable then?

Parents and younger girls who see these images may or may not agree with the media’s perception of such photos, but most people find it uncomfortable and see it as "too much too soon." Kendall certainly seems comfortable displaying herself in such a manner, but there’s plenty of time for her do these shoots and maybe give it a few years. 

 In contrast to Kendall’s situation, other celebrities are judged for nude photos that are released in a violation of their own privacy. While the breach in security should be the main issue, a lot of people are concerned about the content of the photos first. What makes Kendall’s voluntarily released photos more acceptable than leaked photos of celebrities who are even older than her and are criticized for their poor taste and judgment?

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That said, everyone has a right to their own body and should do what they feel is acceptable for themselves. At this age, Kendall has the right to make her own decisions and pursue her passions. I do not agree with her decision to pose nude because being 18 does not change everything. Bottom line, Kendall is still a teenager, and there is a double standard as to what is appropriate for models and other celebrities such as actresses, singers, etc. Pretty sure getting naked does not correlate with success.  

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