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It's All Happening Way Over Yonder

Madison Poulter |
September 29, 2014 | 9:57 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Houndmouth performing at the Santa Monica Pier. (Madison Poulter/Neon Tommy)
Houndmouth performing at the Santa Monica Pier. (Madison Poulter/Neon Tommy)

This past weekend, the normally tourist-packed Santa Monica Pier was transformed into a musical haven. Under the September sun, cooled by the salty breeze, people danced and listened to the likes of Jackson Browne and the Barr Brothers. This musical haven was the Way Over Yonder Festival.

The festival, the West Coast offshoot of the iconic Newport Folk Fest in Rhode Island, inaugurated its second year in Santa Monica with headliners Jackson Browne, Local Natives, Lucinda Williams, and the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Featuring two stages, the festival offered a setting for everyone, including a diverse array of musical options. For those looking for a more intimate experience, The Carousel Stage inside the Carousel building along the pier gave listeners a quaint setting where they could listen to acoustic sets up close and personal, as well as immerse themselves in the musical stylings of lesser-known artists. The main stage out on the pier featured larger acts in a much bigger area for dancing and grooving to the sounds.  

For those of you who were unable to attend this musical escape, here are the five things you need to know:

1. Maude Lady Vintage

Mega-babe Jaclyn Baird curated a selection of vintage clothing specially for the Way Over Yonder Fest. Her collection is enough to make any vintage fiend weak at the knees. From flowy '70s dresses to men’s sweaters, she had something unique for everyone. Lucky for us Trojans, Miss Baird and her fabulous finds are local and will be at the First Friday this Friday on Abbott Kinney. Keep your thrifting eye out for Jaclyn and Maude Lady Vintage by checking out her Instagram, Facebook, or website to keep updated on where you can buy yourself some lust-worthy clothes.

Joe Pug stealing the show on Saturday. (Madison Poulter/Neon Tommy)
Joe Pug stealing the show on Saturday. (Madison Poulter/Neon Tommy)

2. Not Your Average Joes 

It was a good weekend to be named Joe, as musicians Joe Fletcher and Joe Pug proved to festival attendees. On Friday night, Joe Fletcher bewitched listeners with his sultry voice and powerful lyrics. A former English teacher, Fletcher crafts songs that are intoxicating - rich with stories and complexities that’ll make you want to listen to them again and again. On Saturday, Joe Pug stole the show with his elaborate songs and witty quips. Both Joes need to make their way onto every Trojan’s playlist.

3. Southern Lovin’

The drool-inducing food crafted in the hands of chef Ryan Lamon brought out the Southerner in anyone who was wise enough to eat something from Peaches' Smokehouse and Southern Kitchen Truck. The pulled pork sandwiches and redneck fries were winners in the hearts and stomachs of festival attendees. Y’all can findPeaches' all across L.A., but follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts for their exact whereabouts.

4. Local Flavor

It’s clear where Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes acquired their musical talent. In his band Lenny Goldsmith’s New Old, their father showed no sign of slowdown playing rocking tunes to attendees on Saturday. Lenny Goldsmith is an L.A. local and frequently plays in Malibu, so watch this space.

5. Jackson Browne 

If you are unfamiliar with Jackson Browne, go out and buy Hold Out or The Pretender now. You will be thankful for letting his beauty into your life. I am serious.

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