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Feed Me At The Yost Theater: Show Review

Marc Sessa |
September 6, 2014 | 9:20 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Via Marc Sessa
Via Marc Sessa
Despite the last minute venue change from The Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles to the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, Feed Me brought the crowd to all new levels with his live show. 

Featuring his unique stage setup fittingly named "Teeth," the British DJ played a visually stimulating show synced with original music by the artist. The "Teeth" display is literally a giant set of teeth made out of triangle LED panels that is programmed to accent specific musical elements of Feed Me’s tracks like build ups, quick changing melodic lines, and insane drops.

Probably the most memorable portion of the night was near the end when Feed Me came down from behind his decks and spoke to the crowd. He shared his sincere thank you for the crowd being there and even donned a fan’s Feed Me inspired deadmau5 head. 

The crowd erupted into cheers as he walked off stage and the entire venue was filled with a steady chant for “Feed! Me! Feed! Me!”

He took the stage for one last song that shook the venue to its core and left the crowd yelling even through the stage lights coming on to usher attendees out. I am very proud of Feed Me for putting on one of the best shows I will probably see this year despite the extremely unorganized and misinformed management and staff of the Yost Theater, which brings me to my review of the venue. 

The venue was too small and not readily equipped for the amount of people in attendance last night, which was apparent when they closed off the floor area leaving people crowded in the hallways and cramming into the balcony section. The balcony had no slope so if you were not one of the first couple of rows pressed against the banister all you could do was listen to the music and dance. Normally this would be fine but part of the appeal of this show was to see the "Teeth" display. 

In terms of a media perspective, I would advise others to come to the venue ready to figure basically everything out for yourself. When asked about the “Press/Guest List” and asked for the stage manager, I was rudely told that they did not even know what that was and instead of trying to find out just sent me away. It took me three different attempts with three different people to finally find the guest list on which my name was not on the handwritten list of approved media so I had to be helped by the public relations representative as he arrived. After all of this hassle I still was not even allowed into the pit or even onto the ground floor because it had been closed off leaving me to fend for pictures in the balcony. Overall, I was disappointed by how the Yost handled this show and I most likely will not be returning.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Feed Me live, I HIGHLY encourage it. You will not be disappointed and I can say with certainty it will be a night you remember for years to come.

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