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Chinese City Installs Special Lane For Cellphone Users

Shoko Oda |
September 21, 2014 | 8:26 p.m. PDT

Web Producer

Chongqing has recently established a cellphone user-friendly lane. (DramaFever / Twitter)
Chongqing has recently established a cellphone user-friendly lane. (DramaFever / Twitter)
A Chinese city has recently attracted the attention of many around the world for creating a walking lane specifically for those who walk while using their cellphones. 

The city of Chongqing launched its special walking lane last week. The Chinese public's responses varied from amusement to disappointment, as many took to Chinese social media websites like Weibo to respond. Some expressed an interest at Chongqing's move to install an eye-catching lane, whie others scorned at the lane for encouraging people to continue using their phones while walking.  

On another note, China is not the first to create such lane for cellphone addicts. In fact, a similar lane was created temporarily right here in America, in DC. In July, National Geographic Channel temporarily established a lane for cellphone uses as part of a behaviorial experiment for its show, "Mind Over Masses". 

The cellphone lane in China and the experiment launched in DC pose a seemingly silly but interesting question-- is technology addiction real? In today's world, it appears as if it's no surprise for anyone to be on their phones while walking around the city. The USC campus is no exception to this phenomena-- students, administrators, and staff walk around the busy campus while using their phone. Which poses yet another question-- what would USC campus be like if it installed a cellphone user-friendly lane? How would it impact the already busy and bustling campus during the day?

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