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9 News Stories From This Year That Would Make Good Movies Someday

Michelle Tiu |
September 12, 2014 | 5:12 p.m. PDT

Entertainment Producer

Ray Rice's domestic abuse scandal has been one of the most talked-about news stories this year. (@NBCNightlyNews / Twitter)
Ray Rice's domestic abuse scandal has been one of the most talked-about news stories this year. (@NBCNightlyNews / Twitter)
Even though the year's not quite over yet, 2014 has provided us with many interesting news stories that might make it big in Hollywood someday.

From the serious to the downright strange, here are 9 news stories from this year that might make good box office hits one day!

Ray Rice

A movie about the football player's recent scandal and indefinite suspension would touch upon the serious issues of domestic violence and maybe even its history in professional sports.

The film could also tell Janay Palmer's side of the story and - if done properly - could offer an insightful take on why a victim might stay with his or her abuser (a la the #WhyIStayed hashtag).

Another possibility would be a conspiracy theorist angle on the movie. Hollywood could address the rumors as to whether or not the NFL and Roger Goodell were aware of Rice's abuse months before the elevator video went viral and actually punishing the player.


(@viralfazesite / Twitter)
(@viralfazesite / Twitter)
A film about the civil unrest and riots in Missouri would help remind people of the fact that racial tensions are still going strong in the U.S. despite how far the country's come since the 1960s.


Hollywood would definitely take a conspiracy theorist's angle on the story of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and make everyone paranoid about the government. How much does the Malaysian government actually know about the missing plane's whereabouts? Did they orchestrate its disappearance? Are any other countries and governments in on the plan?

Movie directors could even put a sci-fi spin on the story and say that the plane was sucked in by a black hole or its passengers abducted by aliens! (These are real conspiracy theories, I'm not just making this up).

Jay-Z and Solange's Elevator Fight

Entitled "Jay-Z vs. Solange: The Big Elevator Smackdown," this film would probably end up being a ridiculous spoof movie made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer ("Date Movie," "The Starving Games"). Also, if this movie actually happens, I'd like naming credits please.

Oscar Pistorius

The double-amputee Olympic runner had the ultimate fall from grace when he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend in February 2013 and then found guilty of culpable homicide (South Africa's equivalent of manslaughter) at his trial this year.

Pistorius' story is right up Lifetime Network's alley and the made-for-TV movie would most likely be titled "Oscar Pistorius: From Hero to Zero" (naming credits for this one also go to me, thanks).

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding

(@GlobalGrind / Twitter)
(@GlobalGrind / Twitter)
This movie would be like the Kimye wedding special on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," except so much better because it would actually show the wedding (even if it is a re-enactment and everyone ends up being replaced by actors).

Celebrity Death

Many memorable legends have passed away this year and telling any one of their stories would make for a great biopic in whichever direction Hollywood might choose to take it.

Some of the big names that we've said goodbye to this year include Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Maya Angelou, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Mickey Rooney, and Tommy Ramone.

Drug-Stealing Squirrel Escapes From Police

On a lighter - yet still just as stange - note, how about an animated movie (more like "Ted" or "Archer" than any Disney film) about a squirrel in Russia who steals three students' drug stash and then proceeds to escapes from said students and a policeman - never to be found again?

A secret underground drug ring run by woodland rodents? I think yes.

"Slender Man" Crimes

Imagine this: There are people so obsessed with a video game that they believe the game's fictional villain is giving them orders to kill their family and friends. That would make a pretty great horror or psychological thriller movie, right?

Unfortunately, the story is true - despite how unbelievable it sounds. A string of crimes inspired by the "Slender Man" memes and video games have been popping up around the country this year.

Two 12-year-old girls who basically worship Slender Man stabbed their friend 19 times in Wisconsin. A man in Las Vegas frequently dressed up as the fictional horror game villain and supposedly killed three people before committing suicide with his wife. And a girl from Florida set her house on fire while her mother and brother were inside.

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