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11 Downloads You Won’t Believe Are Free

Brittany Brazil |
September 18, 2014 | 1:29 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

It can be tempting to download music illegally, but not only do you put your computer at risk, you also take away from the artist’s ability to continue to create the music you love so much. It’s worthwhile to pay for music you enjoy, just as it is with any art.

However, this list proves that there’s a ton of music that you can also obtain for free:

1. “Gravity” (Feat. G-Eazy) by The Code

One of the newest singles out from UK duo, The Code, "Gravity" blends ambient sounds with synth R&B. G-Eazy doesn't dissapoint either with his verse on this textured track.

2. "Sex & Super Smash Bros" by KYLE
If I could, I’d put the entirety of new kid, KYLE’s mixtape “Beautiful Loser” on this list. Since I can’t, I give you "Sex & Super Smash Bros." I guarantee that by the end of the week you’ll be mumbling the chorus to yourself. KYLE is reminiscent of rap/R&B superstar, Drake, but brings an energy all his own to this song. 
3. "The Wait" by Eventide
Imagine: Jason Mraz meets The Beach Boys. Huh? Next up is "The Wait" by Eventide, a young duo from Lafayette, California. A smooth listen, Eventide’s “Swells EP” is a worthwhile addition to any beach playlist. 
4. "Fickle Mind$" by Bishop Nehru
I remember the first time I heard him freestyle over Mos Def’s “Mathematics,” my jaw dropped at the both the rhythm and delivery by then 16-year-old, Nehru. "Fickle Mind$" will always be a favorite of mine. The music video is also worth checking out as well. 
5. "Don’t Count Me Out" by TeamMate
TeamMate offers "Don’t Count Me Out" as a light ballad-sounding single that's earned a spot as my end of summer anthem. It gets even better when you know the interesting backstory behind their name. Once a couple, drummer Dani Bucher and singer Scott Simmons broke up upon Dani’s coming out. They rebuilt their relationship as a team (i.e. "TeamMate") and are now using their unique connection to make music together. 
6. "Incredibly Close" (feat. Wrenn) by Babel
Soothing vocals by NYU student, Wrenn, combined with Babel’s downtempo saxophone sprinkled rhythm make "Incredibly Close" quite the match-up.  I’ve been following Wrenn for about a year now and I can promise this is only the beginning for her. 
7. "Wimme Nah" (Prod. By Kaytranada) by Vic Mensa
Kaytranada, an electronic DJ and producer from Haiti, has done some amazing remixes of work by artists such as Pharell, Banks, and Jill Scott. Teaming up with Kaytranada is Vic Mensa, a crazy hip-hop artist who is often remembered from working with Chance the Rapper. The pair does a dope job with this upbeat hip-hop track that makes its way through my speakers at least twice a day. Look out for Mensa at the upcoming “Fool’s Gold Day Off” show at The LA Shrine on October 12. 
8. "Elusive" (Flako Remix) by Lianna La Havas
I’ve been obsessed with Lianna La Havas since I saw her perform in Central Park about a year ago and she continues to impress. Her voice has a jazz feel fused with British pop. Flako adds another dimension to the song with his electronic instrumentalism. 
9. "No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop" (Ed Sheeran & Passenger) by Kygo
It’s no secret that Kygo can seamlessly remix just about anything, but he does particularly well with this Thrift Shop/No Diggity Mash-up. Passenger and Sheeran did an acoustic version on The Fifi and Jules Show which is also worth checking out, but Kygo pulled this one together to make for a great download. 
10. "Come Over" by Skizzy Mars
This is the epitome of a rainy day song, perfect for your headphones and fully charged iPhone. Skizzy has a ton of potential being that he’s an east coast rapper with a west coast feel, supported by major hip-hop entertainer and entrepreneur, Diddy. Now with his sophmore mixtape, "Pace" under his belt, I can't wait to see what's next from Skizzy Mars.  
11. "Sweet Life" by Frank Ocean
We’ve all heard it. (If you haven't, you should.) Frank Ocean is perfect and there are a million ways to say it. "Sweet Life" is one. The entire album is available for purchase on iTunes, but Ocean has left this one up for free download. 
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