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10 Funniest Celebrities On Vine

KirPedersen |
September 14, 2014 | 3:22 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

When it comes to social media, many people often overlook Vine. Let me reword that: when it comes to social media, too many people overlook Vine. Amid the millions of six-second clips lies a whole lot of comedic gold. Some users gained their fame from Vine (Nash Grier, anyone?), but there are also a lot of A-listers who came to Vine just to have a good time. Here’s a breakdown of the celebrities you should follow whose videos can brighten up even the dreariest of Mondays.

1. Wiz Khalifa

A true depiction of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Wiz Khalifa’s vine account features lots of alcohol, lots of marijuana and lots of good vibes. Though not all of his videos will make you laugh out loud, there are certainly a few that will give you a good chuckle.

Watch Worthy Vine: Khalifa leans against an arcade game as it dispenses hundreds of tickets. The caption? “Cashing out 


2. Harry Styles

The One Direction heartthrob, though his videos are few and far between, posts simple, clever vines. They likely don’t take much effort to create, but you’ll want to watch each video over and over again.

Watch Worthy Vine:Harry films as Niall Horan rides a purple scooter in a bathroom. Horan runs into the wall and then vanishes. Styles captioned the video “Platform Niall and wee quarters.” One Direction and a Harry Potter reference? Swoon.

3. Joe Jonas

After breaking free from Disney Channel and cancelling a music tour with his brothers, Joe Jonas has been doing his own thing for a while now. Thankfully, he shares a bit of his zany personality with us on Vine. With voice-overs for inanimate objects and an occasional appearance from the other Jonas brothers, Joe’s account will make you laugh through the tears you’re already crying over the JoBros breakup. Not to mention he revines some of the funniest videos.

Watch Worthy Vine: Joe sings the words to “Tale As Old As Time” from “Beauty & The Beast” while opening and closing the lid of a teapot.

4. Ellen DeGeneres

Reason number one to watch “The Ellen Show”: the hostess’s infectious laugh. A great place to go after a rough day, Ellen’s Vine account is full of the funniest clips from the talk show; you’ll be laughing along after just a few scrolls through the page.

Watch Worthy Vine: Ellen dances to hip hop music with Channing Tatum. Need I say more?

5. Tyra Banks

The “America’s Next Top Model” creator brings all of her personality and sass from the runway into her Vines. Unafraid of making funny faces or speaking in ghoulish voices, Banks is fearless as she “smizes” and “booty tooches” through her videos. Each new upload is crazier than the last.

Watch Worthy Vine: Banks sings a remake of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” using her own “ANTM” terminology.



6. Justin Bieber

Let’s be honest, Bieber is none too loved by the general public nowadays. There was even a petition to get him deported from the United States. But when it comes to Vine, Bieber’s sarcastic arrogance makes for some hilarious videos.

Watch Worthy Vine: Bieber “lifts” 500-pound weights with just his pinky. Gotta love him. Oh, and he also sings country now? Watch out, Blake Shelton.

7. Ansel Elgort

For those of us who fell in love with Ansel Elgort’s charm in “The Fault In Our Stars,” the actor’s Vine account is the perfect place to find even more of his adorable personality. Especially because of his close friendship with Jerome Jarre, Elgort has mastered the art of funny vining. Bonus: he posts regularly!

Watch Worthy Vine: Elgort first films a girl artfully hula hooping in a park, then films himself reenacting her technique. Let’s just say it involves a lot of flailing limbs and (adorable) awkward dancing.

8. Zach Braff

Anyone who has seen “Scrubs” knows that Zach Braff is nothing less than a comedic genius. Thankfully, he has graced us with a Vine account that is as hilarious as it is random. Long live J.D.

Watch Worthy Vine: Braff has a series of Vines in which he matter-of-factly speaks the lyrics of popular rap songs. Each and every one will give you a good laugh.

9. Jennette McCurdy

Her time on Nickelodeon has certainly shaped the “iCarly” actress into a girl with a great sense of humor. Creative, full of impressions and unapologetically honest, Jennette McCurdy’s Vines are the best of the best. 

Watch Worthy Vine: McCurdy recreates Sia’s “Chandelier” music video, nude bodysuit and all.

10. Josh Peck

The reigning king of Vine, Josh Peck has yet to post a video that isn’t completely hilarious. The “Drake & Josh” actor posts often and isn’t afraid to make fun of himself, especially when it comes to his early 2000s style. His originality is unmatched and easily earns him the top spot on this list.

Watch Worthy Vine: Peck has perfected his impression of a stereotypical teenage girl. “Teenage girl just met with her College Counselor” is just one of many videos that’ll make you immediately click “Follow” on Peck’s profile.


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