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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, Episode 11: 'No One Here Can Love Or Understand'

Brittany Lazar |
August 20, 2014 | 1:26 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Melissa's secrets are finally revealed in a video she left for Spencer. (Twitter, @ABCFpll)
Melissa's secrets are finally revealed in a video she left for Spencer. (Twitter, @ABCFpll)
Previously on "Pretty Little Liars," the girls decided that they wanted to come clean and cut all ties with Ali. Will their plan help or backfire? Read on to find out...

The girls approach the police station, but before they can take a step further, a bunch of monitors light up behind them. They display a still of Ali from the night she visited Hanna at the hospital, and Emily immediately concludes that they can no longer talk to the police. The footage proves that the girls new Ali was alive the entire time. Spencer wants to throw a brick at the glass to destroy the footage, but we already know “A” has a million copies. The camera then turns on the girls, and “A” leaves a message reading, “Act normal, bitches.”

Spencer and Emily hang at The Brew, and they talk over some coffee. Emily suspects that the message from the monitor could be “A” or even Ali. When Ali tries to call Spencer, she ignores the call. Emily then admits that what she had with Ali was not real, but she can’t fix things with Paige. 

Hanna checks in on Caleb who is passed out on the couch. When she kisses him on the forehead, he is scared out of his mind and jumps off the couch. Hanna discovers that he is still drinking but he claims that it helps him sleep. She tells Caleb about the evidence “A” has on the girls and that they’re back where they started. Showing no interest in Caleb’s reckless behavior, Hanna walks out and tells him that she won’t stop him from drinking (but she’s being sarcastic of course).

Emily shows up at Ezra’s door unexpectedly and they discuss the possibilities surrounding Ali. She informs him that Ali actually knew Cyrus, but Ezra has no clue about him. To get some further information, she hands Ezra a picture of Ali with an unidentified man, and Ezra assures her that he will try to find the link to Cyrus.

Aria arrives at homes to find – wait for it – Mona and Mike together again! She later goes up to her room to do her homework until her dad walks in. Aria labels Mike and Mona as a “very bad idea” but Byron doesn’t seem to think so. He knows Mike might blow up if they say something, so they should just keep their distance. Aria promises that she won’t meddle and Byron mentions an upcoming family gathering including her, Mike, and Ella. Aria is obviously thrilled about the idea of her family reunited.

The next day at school, the girls ponder over the Mike and Mona situation and who else might be after them. It’s easy to assume that Mona could be the one trying to stop them, but it could also be Ali. Spencer refers to this as a “bad thought.” When Emily and Aria leave, Hanna asks Spencer about her sober coach to help out Caleb. Spencer agrees that he needs help, but not from her coach.

Emily finds Paige and they talk about Sydney and the swim team.  Emily hasn’t seen Paige much lately, but they awkwardly agree to “talk” later. 

Later at Spencer’s house, Hanna listens as she speaks with “officer” Toby. She wants him to come over to talk about Caleb, since they have a tight bond and good bromance. When Spencer closes the door, Hanna spots a note behind it, and Spencer automatically knows it’s from Melissa. Apparently Mr. Hastings rushed her to the airport and Melissa will explain everything later. Why would he make her leave so suddenly?

Aria, Emily, and Hanna walk through Rosewood, and Hanna has another bad thought. Ali left town even though “A” said she couldn’t, so what changed? Has Ali made a deal with “A”? Before the girls can think about it, Lieutenant Tanner pops up behind them and asks to speak with them. 

Back at home, Spencer and Toby talk about Caleb’s behavior. Spencer thinks that there’s a lot more to Caleb’s drinking than him using it an aide to sleep. She describes his look as “haunted” and Toby agrees that he saw that same look since Caleb came back from Ravenswood. 

Tanner warns the girls that Ali’s kidnapping suspect is free again and that they should be careful. Just as she is about to leave, Tanner remembers to ask one more question. Who do [the girls] think killed Bethany Young? After all, she was buried 30 feet away from where they were sleeping. The girls don’t have an answer for Tanner and she is shocked because why wouldn’t they discuss such a matter?

Hanna calls Spencer to tell her that Tanner thinks they killed Bethany Young. Even though there isn’t a real connection between the girls and Bethany, Aria did inquire about her drawings, and Spencer and Emily visited the stables. When she hangs up, Toby hands Spencer a delivery from Melissa. It turns out to be the tape Melissa shot in the last episode with all of the answers. 

The night that Ali disappeared, Melissa witnessed the fight between Ali and Spencer. She saw the shovel in Spencer’s hand and immediately assumed the worst. When she noticed a girl lying unconscious on the ground, she didn’t even look at her face but believed it to be Ali. She buried Bethany alive (thinking it was Ali) in order to protect Spencer. Melissa feels horrible about this and believes that her only escape is London. In a heartbreaking farewell, Melissa signs off telling Spencer “I love you.”

Spencer later meets with Hanna and Toby to talk to Caleb. Toby is upfront with Caleb and Caleb shoots back with an epic one-liner saying, “Who died and named you Oprah?” Despite his resistance, Caleb listens to what Toby has to say and he sticks around for Hanna. 

Emily is working an extra shift at The Brew and she spots Paige who is all dolled up for a night out. Maybe she has a date? After reading Emily’s eyes, she seems to think so...

Aria meets her family at the theater and it turns out Ella cancelled. Guess who took her spot? Yep it’s Mona. As if things could not get any worse, Paige walks in with another girl. She sees Aria and things get awkward real fast. 

Meanwhile, Spencer and Hanna leave Toby and Caleb to talk, but Hanna is concerned that Caleb is keeping everything bottled inside. Toby wants to know what Caleb is scared of, but Caleb refuses to address the problem. Before Toby can get an answer, Caleb storms out, regretting that he sat down to talk in the first place. 

Back at the theater, Aria whispers something into Mona’s ear that totally freaks her out. Mona rushes out of the room, so what could Aria have said?

Toby feels as if he has failed Spencer, and as a result, he does not want to sit down and eat the dinner she promised. He can tell something is wrong with Spencer, and she admits that she got the “truth” from Melissa but she’s not sure what to do with it.

Emily gets some answers from Ezra, who discovered that Cyrus has been arrested for petty crimes under several names. Ali must’ve promised Cyrus something to get him to confess. 

When Mona doesn’t return, Aria volunteers to check on her after Mike raises his concerns. She finds Mona crying in the bathroom and it is revealed that Aria whispered to Mona that Byron hates her (I’ll admits that’s kind of harsh). Mona says that it would be better if she just died on that cliff, but Aria asks her to never wish for something so horrible. Mona is really scared of Ali and she is slowly losing her army. She knows that once Ali gets rid of her, Ali will go after the girls. Mona also makes it clear that she knows some stuff about New York and Aria is horrified. Instead of asking questions about that night, Mona changes the subject and asks if Mike really likes her. 

Spencer watches Melissa’s video again and she feels really bad for her sister. I cried a lot during this scene because it was the first time Spencer felt something special for her sister, even if it wasn’t in good terms. 

Aria and her dad are back at home, and Aria assures him that she had a civil talk with Mona in the ladies room. There’s a loud knock at the door, and Byron guesses that it might be Tanner since she left a message about dropping by. Aria is uneasy about Tanner questioning her dad, because what would she want to know about Byron?

Caleb goes back to the cabin to pack his things, and he is startled yet again when Hanna turns on the light behind him. She initially came over to apologize about the intervention with Spencer and Toby, but now she wants to get more help for Caleb because he cannot take care of him. She will fight for him, but he needs to trust her. 

In an intense confrontation with Byron, Tanner reveals that she believes Aria may or may not be involved in a homicide. Byron argues that the police need to stop harassing the girls but Tanner simply wants the truth. She is meeting with one of the girls tomorrow to find out the truth, but she will not tell Byron which girl it is. 

By process of elimination, the girls figure out that it could be Ali who will tell Tanner the “truth.” Emily decides that they should use the picture of Ali and Cyrus to stop her from talking. Spencer doesn’t want to wait for Hanna to meet them and shows Emily and Aria the video of Melissa.

After some time, Caleb finally informs Hanna about Ravenswood and the demons he released. Caleb believes that he is not the same person as when he left, but Hanna disagrees. He’s afraid of his own dreams because after Miranda died, she talked to him in a dream. He is afraid that she will show up in his dreams again, but Hanna assures him that they will get through this. 

After Spencer, Emily, and Aria finish watching the video, they discuss why Bethany would be wearing Ali’s clothes. Someone must’ve arranged for Bethany to be killed instead of Ali.

At the close of the episode, Hanna watches over Caleb and makes a phone call. Someone is watching them through the window, so who else could it be but “A”?

Next week is the summer finale, and by the looks of the preview, one or all of the girls may be framed for murder. Do they ever get a break? Tune in next week to see what happens!

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