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Israel And Gaza: Proposals For Peace

Sara Newman |
August 13, 2014 | 10:37 a.m. PDT

Deputy Editor

If Twitter's #JewsandArabsRefuseToBeEnemies gave us hope, maybe reddit can give us answers. (Lamula/Twitter)
If Twitter's #JewsandArabsRefuseToBeEnemies gave us hope, maybe reddit can give us answers. (Lamula/Twitter)
Israelis are calling the Palestinians neo-Nazis and the Palestinians are calling the Israelis murderers. Even Jews are critical of some of Netanyahu’s actions and Palestinians don’t want to be led by Hamas. 

In case you haven’t hear, we have a problem in the Middle East. 

Impassioned cries and fear-fueled slander and filling the radio. We are being served sound bites of a conflict, rather than the conflict itself. We are being shown the horrors, not the changes, not the answers.

Even if it won’t appear on CNN or NBC or Twitter, people aren’t just watching; they’re thinking. Around the world smart, driven people are coming up with real solutions to help end the horrors that are overwhelming the Middle East, but if they don’t have a PhD or a fancy government job, chances are, few people are hearing them. 

So here’s your daily gem of optimism, your much-needed voice of change. From the pages of reddit, here are 10 proposals that people are hoping will finally bring some peace in what’s truly been a decades-long war. 

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  1. Elements of both sides (Israeli right-wing/Palestinian Islamists) want all of the land for themselves and that's what they're fighting over right now. But (surprise!) you can't have a Jewish State or an Islamic Republic when you're living in a multicultural society. So my solution is for them to live together and share the land. You'd probably have to station a (mutually agreed) peacekeeping force their for the first ten years to ensure these morons don't murder each other, but I'll wager (based on my living through the Northern Ireland peace process) that once a truly fair democracy takes hold extremism will die down drastically. At the end of the day, bread and butter issues are what matter the most to people when they're not living in a world of constant fear and human rights violations. napfo
  2. In fact the only side with the current power to substantially change the political landscape is Israel, which could in theory unilaterally withdraw from the West Bank and evacuate the settlements (doing so, it's also important to note, might also gain it peace with all the Arab countries, as of an offer made in 2002). This wouldn't necessarily lead to stability, but it's certainly a much bigger step than anything the Palestinians are capable of making. Zorro_Darksauce
  3. The solution is relatively simple and in the hands of the Palestinians themselves. A Palestine where the public refuse to accept terrorists firing rockets from their neighborhood's in to Israel and one where the two-state solution was publicly accepted (it is not today, most do not accept the right of Israel to exist and public media is full of hate and bile towards Israel - see this for a good example). Israel would have no issue with a Palestine which wanted to act as a peaceful neighbor, the challenge is convincing the Palestinian's of this and breaking through the decades of propaganda suggesting otherwise. ASniffInTheWind
  4. As soon as the majority of Palestinians stop supporting violent action against Israeli civilians, even the supposedly moderate factions of the would-be Palestinian government stop actively maintaining terrorist groups, those terrorist groups stop initiating bloody flare-ups over perceived religious sleights, and the country ceases to be run by an organization wholly devoted to the destruction of Israel and recognized internationally as having no interest in peaceful governance - as they have since 2005 - they'll have their country. Malaveylo
  5. The simplest explanation I've seen is that on either side of the conflict, moderate voices are consistently overpowered by extreme voices. If the international community can help shift power from the extremists to the moderates, on both sides, then there may be a chance to de-escalate the conflicts. JayKayAu
  6. The Israeli public and government have largely accepted the inevitability of the two-state solution, and if security and peace were assured, the issue of settlements could be solved through negotiations. dukefrinn
  7. I'd like to see Israel move back to the 1967 borders in exchange for Palestinians acknowledging Israel's right to exist; this would include dismantling the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. In regards to having their own nation-state, the Palestinians might also have to give up the right of return. eremite00
  8. Disarm both sides, maintain a significant peacekeeping force, plough money into developing the economy, social engineering to force the Israelis and Palestinians to interact as equals…after about 15 years of this, assess progress and reevaluate involvement. MerryWalrus
  9. My university is involved in the Old City of Jerusalem Initiative, which basically proposes this. They developed a detailed plan for giving special sovereignty to the most holy and disputed part of Jerusalem through an international third party administration. I don't know how popular it is as a solution to the Jerusalem issue, but the point of the initiative was to have it readily developed as an option for negotiations. Aristotlese
  10. In the end of the day, you don't need to convince all of your population that a peaceful resolution is key. All you have to do is hit a critical mass- And you've got it in the bag. With Hamas holding the views it currently holds, there is no chance in hell for that mass to develop. Eagle-Eye-Smith

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