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Why Young Celebrities Are Scantily Clad

Adaobi Ugoagu |
July 24, 2014 | 5:09 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Ariel Winter at the 2014 SAG Awards/Pinterest)
(Ariel Winter at the 2014 SAG Awards/Pinterest)

We've all heard the saying "sex sells", but how do you feel about that when the object of desire is a 16 year old? If you're feeling a little uncomfortable by now, you should be because as far as we're concerned sexy and teenager should not be in the same sentence. Yet, Hollywood continues to blur the lines and bend the rules between what is appropriate and what is borderline troubling.

Young celebrities like Elle Fanning and Ariel Winter are well known for their roles in film and television, but as their exposure increases the amount of clothing covering their bodies is decreasing. Who's to blame for this? The industry for one, and older celebrities that don't seem to really regard the fact that they're choices, whether it comes to life decisions or clothing, are heavily scrutinized--especially by the young and impressionable. 

So when Sofia Vergara showed up to the Golden Globes afterparty revealing major cleavage, we weren't surprised to see 16 year old Ariel Winter, co-star of Modern Family, showcasing the same amount of boobage at the 2014 SAG Awards. Even the 'Maleficient' star Elle Fanning has edged up and sexed up her appeal like her sister Dakota by posing in a shoot with Interview magazine that debuts her in a risque Fendi bikini top. 

Child stars are inevitably competing against other actresses--especially older ones. The necessity of being seen, relevant, and the constant talk of the media is what fuels a career and keeps the acting roles flowing. If Miley wasn't wearing a "red thong bodysuit" along with other racy, outrageous outfits, would she still be relevant? Negative or positive, publicity is publicity. In addition, with people like Miley being the focal point of media attention, we're sure that other young celebrities can't help but want to imitate. The tongue-wagging singer even suggested that an in interview with TMZ that younger children today should try more "risque clothing" because other outfits are boring. It sounds like advice that belongs in the "Counterproductive" pile, but it's unfortunately taken with more than a grain of salt. Take for another example, Kylie Jenner following in the footsteps of her sister Kim Kardashian by taking suggestive Instagram photos and even Abigail Breslin who was topless in her Tyler Shields shoot during fall of 2013.

Despite the fact that these celebrities are wealthier than the average teenager, they are still teenagers. Meaning, they look up to the OG's in the entertainment industry and naturally want to emulate them with probably twice the pressure since they are in the public eye. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce are women who have made numerous "Most Sexiest" lists and continue to keep the attention of the media. There is no category for "Most Cute" and if there is, we don't bet that that holds up for too long. 

Yes, provocative clothing has become a norm for young stars but the real question is if they even have the option to choose modesty while maintaining a strong red carpet presence. We have yet to see the two mesh harmoniously.

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