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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, Episode 8: 'Scream For Me'

Brittany Lazar |
July 30, 2014 | 12:54 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Ashley and Ali defend themselves from an intruder. (Twitter, @ABCFpll)
Ashley and Ali defend themselves from an intruder. (Twitter, @ABCFpll)
This week on Pretty Little Liars, poor Hanna had to deal with the consequences of her actions last week. Now that no one is taking her seriously, will they trust her word?

The episode opens with the girls in the choir room, where Hanna is clearly out of tune - not only in the musical sense. In a nearby room Lieutenant Tanner is getting under Ali’s skin once again, questioning her about Shana’s death. She obviously doesn’t believe Ali’s kidnapping story and would like to uncover the truth. When Ali is freed, she finds her sheet music with all of the “a” notes circled. “A” also leaves another haunting message which reads, “Glad to hear you singing. Last time you were all choked up.” 

When Ali leaves, Emily and Spencer explore the possibility that Mona is at it again. They also give Hanna a lecture about her drinking and odd behavior. Hanna knows Aria doesn’t want an apology but Emily is mostly concerned about her apologizing to Ali. 

Aria calls Ezra to find out more about Eddie, until her mom shows up at school to drop off a few engagement party invitations. Ella asks Aria to speak at the party and introduce her as the maid of honor. When Ella invites her to a bridal shop appointment in the afternoon, Aria claims she is busy at Radley, but her mom believes she can make an exception. Aria runs off after getting another call from Ezra. 

Emily thanks Sydney after swim practice for helping Hanna sober up. In an effort to cover up for Hanna’s “big mouth,” Emily explains that Hanna tends to make things up when she is drunk. When Emily asks about New York, Sydney lies that Hanna didn’t even mention it. Changing the subject, Sydney informs Emily that she made assistant coach. Emily is shocked at the news and does not seem so thrilled. 

Hanna was supposed to meet Caleb for lunch but he overslept after their long night together. Ali comes over to sit with her and Hanna apologizes for her behavior in front of Emily’s mom. Ali’s dad wants her to go to Westport, but Ali asks to crash at her house instead. 

Spencer finally shows Toby Bethany’s terrifying drawings and this pushes him to the edge. He will not put this behind him and wants to ask questions from the inside. In a surprising reveal, he enrolled at the Harrisburg Police Academy, hoping to stop the madness himself. (Toby in a police uniform, hey I don’t mind).

At Radley, Aria searches for Eddie, but it turns out he quit the day before. She then puts the drawing pad back under Rhonda’s bed, and suddenly Rhonda walks in. Aria lies to Rhonda about walking in to check out her sketch book for the first time. Rhonda says that she will forget what she saw her under one condition. 

Hanna arrives at home and hears Ali talking to Ashley about her experience being “kidnapped.” Ashley feels so bad for Ali after hearing her story and Hanna is annoyed. She refuses to stay for dinner and will help Caleb study instead. Ashley hands Ali some expensive bath salts and Hanna is jealous because she’s been asking to use them for a while. 

Aria comes through to Rhonda by handing her some chips and soda and they discuss more about Bethany. Mrs. DiLaurentis apparently signed Bethany out of Radley a few times, gave her clothes, and bought her a horse named Custard. Aria wants to know more but she is caught by a nurse who kicks her out for giving a diabetic unhealthy food. 

Hanna complains to Caleb about Ali once more and he lets her take a sip of alcohol (not good Caleb). They talk about taking a trip together, but Hanna really just wants some food. She presses her face against the window at The Brew out of disappointment because it is closed. Zack, Ella’s fiancé, sees her staring through the window and allows her to order a tuna melt to go.

While Emily listens to music in her room, Sydney surprises her to drop off a team sweatshirt. She really wants Emily to participate as assistant but Emily isn’t so sure. While talking about frozen yogurt, Sydney slips about the girls being in New York and Emily immediately catches her in a lie. Emily said they never went to New York but Sydney knows the truth because she is working with Jenna and Mona. In order to cover up for her mistake, Sydney simply remarks that her brain is mushed.

At The Brew, Zack can smell Hanna’s whiskey but promises that he will keep it a secret. When Hanna reaches in her pocket to pay, he says the tuna is on him. In a risqué move, Zack gets too flirty and places his hand on her lower back for a LONG time (Ella please leave him now).

Back at home, Aria talks to Spencer on the phone about Radley and Rhonda. They discuss the stables in Lewisburg and possibly going for a visit. Ella comes home to yell at Aria for ditching the bridal appointment. Aria simply “forgot” and promises she won’t miss the next appointment. 

Hanna and Caleb are definitely the rebel couple now, missing out on exams and drinking non-stop. After some more drinks, Hanna makes out with Caleb on the couch but she’s just not feeling it. Too drunk drive home, Hanna catches a cab. 

The next day in the choir room it is Emily’s turn to talk to Lieutenant Tanner. Everyone including Tanner is wondering about Hanna’s whereabouts. Hanna walks looking disheveled and admits to Spencer and Emily that Zack was hitting on her. The girls warn her about telling Aria and are not even sure if Hanna is in her right mind (I feel for Hanna, I really do. She is telling the truth after all!).

Hanna’s mom walks into her room to discover that Ali never went to school. She heard noises in the middle of the night and ended up sleeping in the closet because she was scared. Ashley allows Ali to stay home and calls the school to excuse her. 

Spencer and Emily go the stable without Aria and talk to a man about taking riding lessons. When he refuses, Spencer gets to the point and brings up Mrs. DiLaurentis and the horse named Custard. Emily is acting really strange and mute. Maybe she’s afraid of horses?

After a while, the man remembers Mrs. D and a mysterious bucket incident. He explains that Mrs. D wanted Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie, but since they weren’t related, Bethany threw a bucket at her. Since then, they never returned to the stables. In an attempt to get more answers, Spencer seeks to check out the rest of the stable, despite the intense storm approaching. 

Rather than eating with Caleb again, Hanna eats dinner alone in her car. Zack randomly enters her car and amps up the creepiness, believing that Hanna felt the same vibe as him from the night before. He gives her his number and touches her leg (um so disgusting). Hanna is certainly as creeped out as I am and rips up his number into tiny pieces. 

To get Ali out of the house, Ashley makes a reservation for dinner. The storm is getting crazier and all of the lights are out at the Marin house. When Ashley hears a noise, she sees that her front door is opened. After closing it, she turns around to see “A” in the kitchen. Ali comes downstairs and “A” leaves quickly through the back door. They call 911 and Tanner comes over to investigate. Her questions for Ali annoy Ashley and she demands that the police catch the psycho who is after Ali before he strikes again. At this point, Tanner is at a loss for words. 

After the creepy car incident, Hanna rushes over to Aria’s house soaking wet from the rain. Hanna reveals that Zack hit on her but Aria is too angry to believe her. She screams that Hanna is the real problem and accuses her of being trashed and trying to ruin things for Ella. 

Spencer and Emily are still at the stable, and Emily finds a riding hat with Melissa’s initials on it. While they speculate about Melissa’s involvement, “A” locks them in the stable. One of the horses loses control and Spencer gets hit in the eye. The horse eventually breaks through the gate and the girls escape. 

Spencer goes home and washes her eye, which is really bruised. She sees Toby at the door and tells him about Melissa’s riding hat at the stable. Toby cannot stand to see Spencer injured and is tired of feeling powerless. Spencer agrees that they need to put an end to the madness and stands by Toby’s decision to become a cop.  

Zack is now at home with Ella, who is helping Aria make decorations for the party. Aria wonders if Hanna was really telling the truth (but deep down she knows Hanna wouldn’t lie about this) and she agrees to watch a movie with Ella and Zack. 

After the scare at Hanna’s house, Ali is at home packing to join her father. Emily and Spencer are also there, and they find it odd that “A” is more violent and vicious now.  Ali reveals yet another lie and admits that she asked Noel to be “A” and break in to the Marin’s. She needed everyone to stop questioning what happened to her and she feels better knowing that Ashley is on her side. 

In the final scene always dedicated to “A,” he or she sneaks around Spencer’s room and steals a box from a secret compartment under her couch. Maybe it’s Melissa? Well, Spencer does come face to face with “A” in next week’s preview, so hopefully we get some answers!

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